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Bag Store - the Best Place to buy Bags Online in India

Now there is no need to go shopping on street for bags. The bag store is online in India and it has plenty of high quality bags for you to choose from and carry on with your day to day work.

Lot of people like you aren't aware that there are plenty of benefits in store for you when you buy bags online. You will be surprised to know that you tend to get bags at much cheaper price than what you get from a shop of bags at the street near to your house.
In few minutes, it will be clear to you why people buy the American Tourister (arguably the most popular bag) online.
Shop keepers, those who sell travel bags, backpacks, and other type of bags (like laptop bags, fancy ladies bags, hand bags, school bags and purses) these days themselves order bags online and than sell them through their 'bag store' at higher margins. Yes, sometimes you might find a good looking bag available at a reasonable price even on a bag shop on street, but you cannot guarantee about its quality. In mos…

How to Get Seats in Train Side by Side While Booking Tickets on IRCTC

Imagine you plan a tour with family members by train, and while booking your ticket you want that all the members get seats side by side (together) in same coach. How will you insure it?

This is one of the most sort after information by railway users, especially when it comes to online railway booking. And this is what we are going to discuss here and provide solution. The solution is easy. Just read on.

While doing reservation at railway counter you can request the booking clerk to allot seats together. And if seats are available, more often than not the railway booking clerk at reservation counter is happy to book all the passengers mentioned on reservation form together. But while doing online railway booking, it is not that simple. There is no request mechanism out there on next generation railway booking system using which you can demand that all the seats are booked for your family near to each other.
So, what to do? How can you make sure that railway assigns all the members se…

Should you Cancel Your Tatkal Tickets Now and Become Superstar

It is not necessary that you follow this regularly, cancelling tatkal ticket, especially confirmed one's, requires deep introspection. I know you are wondering how cancelling tatkal tickets requires you to dig deep into your thoughts.

If you were to know that if you cancel your tatkal ticket now and get your money back, will you read this till the end.

Now Imagine, If there is no refund for the cancellation of a confirmed Tatkal ticket, why would anyone bother to cancel their Tatkal ticket?
There are some very important reasons why should you cancel your confirmed tatkal tickets even though you won't be refunded back by Railway or IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation).
So this is how it starts - You are the lucky one who has a confirmed ticket (railway tatkal ticket). You got it because you were intelligent enough to book your tatkal ticket at right time, and hence you got a confirmed reservation.
Now suppose, you change your plan. You don't wan't to…

Benefits of Booking Railway Tickets Online

Booking railway tickets online by paying money online has enormous benefits as compared to buying railway tickets by cash.

Listed below are some of the major benefits that you enjoy as a railway user when you pay for railway tickets using online transactions:

Insurance of 20 lacks: Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley has announced that all the users who pay online for railway tickets will get free insurance of Rs 20 lacks along with ticket booking. The step is taken to encourage digital transactions and is seen as one of the step towards making India a cashless (or less cash)economy.

Half a Percent Discount: Citizens of India, if you buy your railway urban tickets online and pay online too, you will get a 0.5 percentile discount. Not a bad idea to buy online.

Comfortable and Easy Booking: You can do online railway booking easily and comfortably by logging on to Indian Railway Catering and Tourism (IRCTC) site, or by using irctc mobile app on your smartphone. If you are not used t…

Find Train by Color on IRCTC Booking Page

Do you want to know the fastest way to find a train while booking your tickets online? If Yes, than you would be happy to know that you can do so if you can identify 'colors'. Weird as it may sound, but you can search the right type of train using the new color scheme introduced by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) on their e-Ticketing system.

Have a look at snapshot taken from live railway ticket booking session from irctc next generation site. We took this snapshot when we went to find train between stations

As expected, our search for trains returned list of trains with related information details about each train viz(train name, number, travel class available, arrival/departure time, and weekdays on which a train runs). But there was something very interesting which we never saw before. Few rows had a background color other than 'white'. You can see 'pink' color in snapshot above.
While we wanted to proceed with ticket booking, we w…

Check Enrollment Status of Aadhar Card Online

It is important to check enrollment status of aadhar card after applying for it, so that in case aadhar card is not generated in time, or is generated but one hasn't received it, or if card details have some errors  and demand correction, one can submit complaint or register his grievances.

Best thing is that it is extremely easy to track aadhar card status, since it can be done online on your computer or smartphone.

Enrollment Status of Aadhar Card Here we explain in detail - How to check aadhar card status after getting enroled to get it? To check enrollment status of aadhar card online, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Go to  UIDAI official website Click here for Aadhar Status Check.  UIDAI runs a portal "Aadhar Kiosk" responsible for providing aadhar related services and handling any grievances. You can get Aadhar, check status and update details too using this portal.
Step 2. Now you should see the form such as shown below.
You need to fill this for…

Bollywood Celebs that Had Nightmare Time Travelling in Train

Bollywood stars are celebrities who often fly and seldom travel in a train. But there have been times when these celebs have had to put their feet onto earth, and into the train. Indian Railways transport more than 22 million passengers in a day. With improved railway services and facilities, most of the travelers have a good journey times these days.

But celebs are made of different stuff. Things happen wherever they incarnate. Things can go exactly opposite to normal with celebs around. Below we tell you about such bollywood superstars that had a nightmare of a time last time they enter a train.

Shah Rukh Khan Got Slapped in Train When it comes to bollywood, especially to hindi movies, there is no bigger star than Shah Rukh Khan. Shahrukh is also called 'King Khan,' due to his unprecedented popularity and stardom among the fans.
Think about 'Shah Rukh' and a 'Train' together. What comes in your mind?
If you are like most, flashes of him dancing with model Ma…

Senior Citizen Concession Rules in Railway | Aadhar Card Mandatory to Avail Concession

As per Indian Railway reservation rules, senior citizens are eligible for concession in train fare in all classes of different types of trains, viz: Mail/Express/Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Jan Shatabdi/Duronto group of trains.

However there are certain mandatory requirements which must be fulfilled in order to get concession/ discount in fare for senior citizens. These are discussed below.

Senior Citizen Minimum Age Requirement for Railway ConcessionMale Citizens: Minimum 60 years of age, Female Citizens: Minimum 58 years of age. Anyone who claims for a railway concession under senior citizen quota whose age is less than what is required, will not get it.
Age Proof for Senior Citizen Concession While it is mandatory to carry one of the prescribed ID proof's (mentioned here) at the time of train journey, for senior citizens it is mandatory to carry Aadhar Card to avail concession on railway tickets. Non senior citizens can carry any identity proof.
One can also mention his/her id card numb…

IRCTC - Get Started With IRCTC Quickly

This guide on IRCTC will help you get started quickly with online railway ticket booking and other Indian Railway Information. Official site of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation ( can be overwhelming for first time users. Through this short and precise guide about IRCTC we aim to get you started with how to do booking on IRCTC e-Ticketing online reservation system fast. Note that for doing online railway booking you need to go to and not on or Many people aren't aware of even this fact which makes a case of writing a 'quick guide on getting stated with irctc' even more strong. So, Let's get started. IRCTC Registration In order to book railway tickets online in India using IRCTC's next generation e-Ticketing railway booking system, it is must that you have a userid and password to log into the system. Anyone who wish to do ticket booking or cancellation, must login. Logged in users are also able to…

Train Running Behind Schedule - Ask for Compensation

Many times you experience that a train is running behind its regular schedule. You reach railway station as per departure time of the train which is stated on your railway ticket, only to find that a train is running late.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, train no. this and that, scheduled to arrive at this and this time, is running late by this many hrs. Trains is expected to arrive at this time," you must have heard that through railway announcement system at the station. These announcements come one after the another, and you are left waiting to commence your journey.

Most of you don't even complain. May be you say some harsh words, curse the railway system in India, but you somehow convince yourself to wait without feeling need to register a complaint for the loss of your valuable time.

How many of you even considered asking for compensation for a train delay?

If you haven't done it, don't think you are alone. Almost 99 percent of railway users are like you. But some …

How much days in Advance Can I do Railway Reservation in India?

Booking ticket in advance is always a good habit. But how much days in advance can one book a railway ticket in India? When the advance booking for a train opens in India? All these are important questions, answers of which are must in order to get confirmed railway tickets at right time, without risking the availability of seats (for reservation in a train) to become nil.

Advance Reservation Period in Indian Railway Advance Reservation Period (ARP) is the period which tells the number of days before which one can do railway reservation.
The ARP period in India, as per latest railway reservation rules given on Indian Railway site i.e., is 120 days.

What does it means? It means that one can go to railway ticket window or login to irctc login page and start booking seats in a train. ARP is in relation to the date of journey from train originating station. In case of some Inter-city day trains, the ARP is less.
Benefits of Booking Railway Tickets in Advance There are …