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Find ATM where 100 Rupee Notes are available

Govt. has banned 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes in India. People want to find ATM machines where 100 rupee notes are available. Without availability of small denomination currency notes i.e. Rs 100 and Rs 50 notes, people are unable to use money for their day to day expenses.

When people go to bank to exchange their 500 and 1000 rupee notes, bank doesn't exchange currency due to shortage of cash. Also their is a limit of how much currency you can exchange. You can withdraw maximum Rs 2500 per day and 24500 per week, as of now. But even this is not happening due to shortage of 100 rupee notes in banks. Also news of new 500 and 1000 rupee notes of currency is now circulating, but obviously it will take time for new currency notes to replace all the old currency notes.

SBI ATM machine which has cash
SBI ATM machine which has cash

Thus people are frustrated and despite standing in a queue outside banks and ATM machines for whole day they are unable to get currency notes required for day to day use. In this scenario people are looking for a way to know where they can find ATMs near their home which actually have cash in them. Hence what they need is to actually find out an ATM in their locality with cash available.

Is their any service which provide this information?

Unfortunately there no such service as such which can tell exactly which ATMs in a particular locality of region have 100, 500, or 1000 Rs currency notes. This is what should have been considered before announcing the policy. This way no secrecy would have been breached and people would have been able to use the online website or service which could have tell them that these are Automatic Tailor Machines (ATM) near you which have enough currency notes. That way people would have known whether it is worth standing in queue in front of this ATM or a bank branch.

If you are also struggling with cash you can try out following:

  • Look for ATM's located within colleges and university campuses. These usually are refilled at night time and you can take a chance and visit them at odd hours to take out cash.
  • Try in hospitals and public service departments. These too have ATM machines planted which no one knows about. There might be cash available in them.
  • Try to visit nearby village, near to your city. Usually rural people don't use ATM that much. There is a great possibility, if not 100 percent chance of withdrawing cash in small denomination currency notes.
  • Temples and religious place are also great place for finding unknown ATM machines. This is especially true for temples located on hills and mountains.
If above doesn't work, try to be the first person to stand in queue. That is you should be near the head of the queue than at the rear in order to increase you chances of withdrawing cash.

In the end we would only say that don't get frustrated and tell yourselves that govt of India has taken this step to curb black money; and that in future it will be available for you and your country's development.

We hope you will definitely find the ATM in which cash is available. If you find one, share the ATM location with others too.


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