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Diwali Premium Train Ticket Third AC Tickets on Rise

On Diwali occasion there are special premium trains run by Indian Railway. The best things is the seat availability i.e. ticket have increase. The bad thing is that there is a huge rise in fare of trains. Most hike are in the fare of premium trains and especially tatkal ticket.
Hike of almost 5 times of normal train fare has been observed. Shockingly, in some instances the passengers are forced to pay more for 3rd AC class of train accommodation than what they would have paid if travel by flight instead of train.
Check which trains have seat available for booking
Couple of examples would make it ultra clear. In normal days the third AC ticket from Delhi to Bhopal costs Rs 1045 only. But on Diwali it is costing Rs, 2500 i.e. the ticket is available at the premium of almost 1000 rupees.
Similarly, If you want to travel from Delhi to Chennai or Delhi to Kolkata, you will need to spend Rs 7,000 and 5,000 respectively. This is too high when compared to the cost of these travels in normal d…

Diwali Sale which no one knows about

Diwali Shopping will be at its full swing with the opening of the Great Indian Festival Sale on Amazon India. Online sale will feature variety of products with offers and discounts. Sale is on, and not many people know about it. This is not the sale which you have heard about before.

The great thing about this years sale is not only you will get to grab the local products, but you can also purchase the products of the most famous global brands. This is because to provide the best online shopping, amazon India has launched the global store.

So, for example, you are interested in clothes or appliances of some foreign company, companies famous in America or Europe, you can log on to and go to global store to purchase your favorite brand.

Many people aren't aware of where to find best discounts and quality products on the shopping site. This is because they don't spend much time. But if you look around carefully you can find some really great products at throw away pric…

Cancel Indian Railway Tickets purchased from the Reservation Counter online at IRCTC

Do you want to cancel your railway ticket which you have purchased from railway reservation counter? If yes, than follow the steps given below which explains 'counter ticket cancellation' procedure used to cancel railway ticket online from your home using Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation's (IRCTC) online counter ticket cancellation service.

Steps to Railway Ticket Cancellation booked at Counter
Step 1: Go to this counter ticket cancellation page.
Step 2: Enter the 10 digit PNR number printed on your railway ticket which you purchased from ticket window/counter along with train number.
Step 3: Enter Captcha and select checkbox to confirm that you have read all the rules and procedures.
Step 4: Submit

Step 5: You shall receive an OTP (One Time Password). This OTP will be send to same mobile whose number you had provided at the time of purchasing train ticket at the railway reservation window.
Step 6: If you enter correct PNR you should see details of the PNR on you…

Avoid Kidney transplantation by Avoiding these Bad Habits

Kidneys are vital organs of human body. But today's lifestyle, in particular below mentioned bad habits, are causing damage to our kidneys. No wonder we hear more about kidney transplantation these days than before.

Main causes that are leading us towards transplantation of a kidney occur from simple bad habits involving unnatural lifestyle and intake of toxic, heavy, and non nutritious food.

If you have one of these bad habits you should immediately start getting rid of them to save your kidney:

Stopping urine: Don't ever stop the urine when you feel like urinating. You must immediately find a toilet nearby to get rid of it. When you intentionally stop urination, it comes up to kidney. This results in a problem called urine reflux. The bacteria therein causes infection to kidney. So don't do this ever.Excessive intake of salt: Taking excessive salt or eating very salty food increases blood pressure abnormally.  This happens because of sodium present in salt. This has a di…