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Water is a Healthy Food - Just drink it right Way

If water is not a major component of your healthy diet, you are surely missing out on one of the cheapest and easiest ways to maintain and improve health. While drinking water regularly itself qualifies as one of the most powerful healthy habits, drinking it right way can double the power of this magical natural nectar available to us.

The health tips related to water, we are giving here, are not only simple to practice but are also easy to accommodate in your list of healthy food plan. They will work well for people of all ages and hence can be used to achieve good health. And these are not the regular healthy tips like "drink lime water when you feel exhausted", these are special tips which if practiced regularly will prove why we call water a healthy food.

copper vessel
copper vessels - transforms water into a healthy food

This is how you should drink water to get its full health benefits:

  1. Avoid drinking water half an hour before taking a meal, and don't drink it for at least 45 minutes after the meal. This will help proper digestion of food. Otherwise food will rot in your stomach, instead of getting digested.
  2. Don't drink water while standing. Always drink water in a sitting position. If you drink water standing up you can develop pain in your knees. People suffering from Arthritis should specially take care.
  3. Drink water through glass only. Don't directly pour it into your throat. Also avoid drinking too cold water. Ideally you should consume water at a natural temperature only. Best is to boil it a bit and allow it to cool. Then drink it.
  4. Take a copper utensil. Fill it up with clean water and leave it overnight. Drink it first up in the morning. If you do this regularly you will have a healthy glowing skin.
  5. Copper water i.e. water kept in a copper utensil, balances the thyroxine hormone. It thus protects us from thyroid.
  6. If you drink water with copper vessel, morning and evening, you will never suffer from knee and joint pain in your life. This is because the uric acid in it prevents these health troubles from happening.
  7. Add bit of parsley or celery to a water kept in copper cup for at least 8 hours. Drinking it regularly will cure the gastric and acidity problem. It also improves digestion magically.
  8. In case of anemia or lack of blood, make drinking copper water regulalrly your health habit. It not only cures it, but also has the power of increasing blood count in the body.
  9. If you want to boost your heart power, boil few shoots and leaves of tinospora cordifolia (giloy in hindi) in a water kept in a copper utensil. Drink it regularly.
  10. There is abundant presence of anti-oxidants in water kept in a copper vessel. This act as anti ageing agent. Some ayurvedic doctors suggest this to cancer patients too.

These tips might seem simple on first sight, but don't underestimate their power. Make them a part of your regular diet and stay healthy.


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