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Water is a Healthy Food - Just drink it right Way

If water is not a major component of your healthy diet, you are surely missing out on one of the cheapest and easiest ways to maintain and improve health. While drinking water regularly itself qualifies as one of the most powerful healthy habits, drinking it right way can double the power of this magical natural nectar available to us.

The health tips related to water, we are giving here, are not only simple to practice but are also easy to accommodate in your list of healthy food plan. They will work well for people of all ages and hence can be used to achieve good health. And these are not the regular healthy tips like "drink lime water when you feel exhausted", these are special tips which if practiced regularly will prove why we call water a healthy food.

This is how you should drink water to get its full health benefits:

Avoid drinking water half an hour before taking a meal, and don't drink it for at least 45 minutes after the meal. This will help proper digestion …

Boost your brain power instantly using Fennel Seeds

Fennel (also known as Sonf in Hindi) is a miraculous brain power booster. Many people use it as a mouth freshener, but not many people know that it has ability to increase your remembering capability and has other powerful health benefits too.

On the surface fennel seems like a normal spice. But don't go by the looks. This seed is stuffed with memory enhancing minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, and potassium. This also makes it a useful ingredient in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Now you'll see how to use fennel for instant boost in brain power. Here is what you should do to make your brain run like Usain Bolt:

Crush fennel seeds with Mishri (sugar candy) and Almonds and take a pinch of this mixture after breakfast or dinner with half a cup of cow milk. Take a table spoon of fennel seeds and roast it in pan. Use it after meals. The fiber in it will improve your digestion too. This will have direct effect on the strength of your brain.
So now you know the answer of the q…

How to Loose Weight While You Sleep

Loosing weight is so simple. Literally you can reduce weight now if you do these things before you sleep. It doesn't require any complicated exercise or diet control. Nor any medicine. You just have take note of these powerful weight-loss tips to melt away the excess fat in your body.

Before you start using these tips for getting slimmer than now, we would also recommend this very effective weight loss product  (pure green coffee). If you combine this product with the tips below, you would see how amazingly fast it is to control weight.

Here are easy weight loss tips:

Drink Milk: This might surprise you. Many of you avoid milk thinking it will add to your weight. But if you can boil the milk, and take away the fat in it (which comes up while boiling) and drink half a glass of it just before you retire to sleep at night, it can contribute magically towards faster weight loss. The protein and calcium in it strengthens digestive system. The proper digestion helps in getting good deep…

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Special eco friendly Ganapati Soil Ka Raja

Ganpati Festival is about to be celebrated from coming Ganesh Chaturthi this year. To establish ganpati idol at home is considered to be an auspicious event, for it brings peace, prosperity, and happiness.

In auspicious Indian mythology book - ganesh purana is is written that:

The worshipper of Soil Ganesh will get multi fold returns - Ganesh Purana
Over the years few people have raised questions against the practice of ganpati visarjan (submersion of ganesh idol in river or sea). They make a point that the chemical and material which is used in making of ganesha idol is not eco friendly. It causes harm to environment and is not good for health of water beings.

To address to their concern we are introducing eco friendly ganesha idol, who we name "Soil Ka Raja". Believe us that he is completely eco-friendly and brings 1000 percent peace and prosperity.

Best thing is that this ganesh idol is free. Absolutely free for you. In fact you will be making it yourself.

How to make it?