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Simple Practical Trick to Get Rich Now

We are providing here a powerful practical trick to make money easily. Using this simple trick you'll be able to earn plenty of money even while you are sleeping. This is absolutely true. The best part about the quick money making trick we are presenting here is that you don't have to invest anything upfront in order to get rich.

We know that many of you dream of becoming rich. You want to own a grand house, a luxury car, and plenty of modern gadgets. You want to be financially secure. Not only that, actually you want to get rich quickly. 
Keeping your expectations in mind, we have found out a trick which is very very powerful in attracting money in your life. Millions of people worldwide have benefited with this money making strategy which has been kept secret for some reason.  But we will be revealing it now for you so that you can enjoy your life in a way you want.

This trick is so simple that even a kid can start using it. And it requires no effort at all. It won't co…

Happy Independence Day India from Hanuman ji

Many happy returns of the Independence day of India. This time the greetings are directly from lord Hanuman ji. His blessings are that India will become more strong, powerful, and will serve to needful with full dedication and determination.

Let's take oath to eradicate evils from the society. There are many things which need to be removed. Especially crime on children and women, poverty, and illiteracy. We believe all of these are interdependent. Eradicating one will pave way for eradication of the other problem.

Lord hanuman is well known for his dare devil acts. In his lifetime he overcame many hurdles. Even the ones that looked insurmountable, hanuman ji with strong determination and faith in lord rama was able to defeat many enemies. Today we also need strong will power and determination.

Let's all pray that lord hanuman will bestow us with all the necessary powers that we can use to make life of all happy and prosperous.

Here's, we from wishing…

How to delete IRCTC account easily?

Today you will learn how to delete IRCTC account. This is the account you make on (online railway ticket booking site) to book seats in train online using internet or irctc application (here is irctc app download page).

Some of you might be wondering what is reason for taking such a drastic step? Why one should go for deleting their entire account. After all it took quite a few minutes to create a new account using irctc registration page. But there is a valid reason. You'll see yourself in few minutes.

Actually IRCTC is notorious in the sense that it suspends or deactivate your account for no reason sometimes. This usually happens when the staff of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation feels that you have provided a wrong information. They conclude that the information provided by you is wrong when they try to verify it, and it is not verifiable.
Although you can activate your suspended irctc accounts easily, albeit it requires you to create an entirely new…