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Get 1 million worth insurance on premium of just Rs 1

It is absolutely the right time to get insured if haven't done it yet. The Indian Railways company IRCTC has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with 3 national insurance companies to provide passengers optional insurance worth 1 million (10 lakh rupees) all at a premium of just Rs 1.

This insurance provides compensation in case of death or injury caused to passenger while on board. It also means that you won't have to spend time on policy bazaar to compare and find the best travel insurance for yourself since the most basic cover you need is included in this policy already.

There are many travel insurance policies out there in the market but the best part about this insurance plan is that you also get additional important covers automatically. For example, all the passengers purchasing insurance will also get a luggage cover worth Rs 5000. Also in case of any mishap, like a train accident, you will also get a cover of Rs 7.5 lakh INR in case you get permanently disabled…

Travel in Train Without Ticket with Aadhar Card in Pocket

Now you will be able to travel in train without a ticket. Your photo will act as your railway ticket. Only thing you would need is Aadhar Card, which is also an official identity card.

Railway has already introduced paper less ticketing via online ticket booking. As you know that you can get train tickets instantly online. All you need to do is to login on IRCTC and follow the online train ticket booking steps.

But what about those who can't manage booking tickets online? Don't mistake, there is still a huge lot of people in India who are not that computer savvy and who even in this day and age, where technology is rich, like to stand in long queues at railway reservation counters to purchase a railway ticket. They definitely go through lot of pain beside wasting the crucial time.

For such non computer savvy people the new policy of railway where the identity card or Aadhar would suffice as a rail ticket will be a great relief.

You must be wondering how this will work?


Talgo Train Spits Fire on Indian Railway Tracks

There was a fire in its belly or what? The high speed train imported from Spain today put up an jaw dropping fiery performance when it successfully cleared its 2nd trial run between Mathura and Palwal stations.

Impressive looking white Talgo train took just 54 minutes to cover a distance of 84 km. The first trial was done on May 29 this year. During each trial the train is tested for its performance on various parameter. The third trial will too place between Mumbai and Delhi in August. The third run would be most exciting as the train will be tested for its top speed performance. It is believed that the train will be run at an enormous speed of 250 kph in its last trial run.

This train has some wonderful features. For example, there is a dedicated audio system and video monitor for each passenger travelling in the train. There are lamps for reading books and magazines at each seat. Seats are more comfortable than what Indian citizens have experienced thus far. There are foot rests t…

Hygienic Food for Indian Railway Passengers

There is a good news for foodies who like to travel by Indian Railway train service. No longer you would need to order food at your train seat using external food provider service in a bid to get a better quality food. Railway itself is tightening its seat belt in order to insure healthy and tasty food for its users.

But how this has come about?

Actually, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will now use the technique used by Indian Armed forces to keep food hygienic and last longer. The Defence Food Research Lab (DRFL) will now share its secret technique with IRCTC so that it can too serve its users with high quality ready to eat food while traveling.

DRFL know how to make this food. It is also known as Retort Pouched Processed Food, and is given to space scientists, astronauts, and military personnel all over the world.

Both railways and DRFL have signed a contract in connection with exchange of technology. The north western railway would be the first zone to…