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Latest on Railway Tatkal Booking - Agents Can't book Tatkal Tickets Now

People who can't book on time usually take a route of tatkal ticket booking to get a confirmed seat in train. They can either do it on their own or they can approach railway appointed agents to book a tatkal ticket for them. But now it won't be possible.

After June 25, people will have to directly approach the railway booking office and book their tatkal tickets.

In an unprecedented, yet what could be a likable move, Indian Railways has decided to take the right of booking tickets under tatkal scheme from railway agents. This is done after number of complaints pointing towards the high-handedness of IRCTC agents while booking such tickets.

These agents tend to charge public as per their desire while booking tickets. If you don't give them money they want, they would often say "All seats are booked. Tickets are not available in this train". Mostly this malpractice is seen in case of booking of premium tatkal tickets.

Actually there are many small travel agents an…

British Owned Train that runs on Indian Railway Track

Unbelievable but true. It is 70 years since India has got freedom from British rule, yet  there is something of importance that is still owned by a British company in India. Only relief is that the company's name is not 'East India Company' but something different.

There is a train that runs between Yavatmal and Murtizapur stations for which Indian railways give royalty to British company - Killick Nixon and Company. The train name is Shakuntla Express, and the track is a narrow gauge railway.

This track was laid down before independence in 1903 to carry cotton from Yavatmal to Mumbai's main line. From Bombay the cotton was than exported to Manchester in England. The train was pulled by a ZedD locomotive that was manufactured in Manchester in 1921. After 1994 the locomotive was replaced by a local diesel engine. The older locomotive can still be seen resting at Pune city loco shed.

Interestingly, Indian Railways pays a hefty royalty - 1.20 crore of Indian rupees to th…

Tiger Express - A Train that takes you closer to Indian Tiger

Indian Railways has started a special semi luxury train called "Tiger Express". This train will take tourists on the jungle safari passing through the national parks like Bandhav Garh and Kanha. The interior of train is designed on a forest theme so that the passengers feel camping in the jungle during their journey.

Tiger express has coaches of Rajdhani Express (one the India's premiere fast train). Train is also equipped with library, a restaurant, pantry and other modern facilities to sever the guest. This train starts from Delhi and beside the two national parks, travelers also get to see bhedaghat dhuandhar waterfall located on Narmada River in Jabalpur district in Madhya Pradesh state.

The entire tour lasts 5 days and 6 nights. Fare of the train varies between 38 thousand to 49 thousand rupees. The tourney is under the management of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Anyone can login to IRCTC and do online booking of the train tour.

Ministry …

Delhi Metro Train to Run Without Driver

Soon the blue, yellow, red lines trains of Delhi Metro will run without a driver. Delhi metro is in a process of unveiling their first lot of fully automated driver less trains in near future.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is already testing such trains in trial runs before making them operational on regular basis. These would be different from light metro trains which could also become part of metro city rail services in years to come.

To start off with, the train without a driver would run on phase-3 route (see delhi metro map for route information). This metro train would cover around 38 kms distance between Janakpuri West and Botanical Garden stations during its run. In another run the train will travel from Shiv Vihar to Majlis Park covering a total distance of 58.5 km.

This new metro train is imported from South Korea. It has six bogies. The average speed of this train is faster than the regular metro train. The bogies are also wider. Whereas the width of regular metro co…