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6 New Types of Trains Which You'll See Running in Indian Railways Soon

Indian Railways is trying come out from loss to profit.To do this various actions have been taken on part of Ministry of Railways. While bullet train might finally run in India in year 2022, there are few new types of trains that travelers in India will have on their disposal.

Listed below are six new train types which will be introduced in near future in India:

Humsafar Express: This is a train where all coaches will be of type 3 AC. Many people like to travel in third air conditioned class in India, as they can't afford fare of 2nd AC and 1st AC. The booking in these coaches increases during the summer time. Humsafar is a hindi word meaning companion in english.Tejas Express: These types of trains are believed to be window to look into the future of Indian Railway passenger train services. These will be very fast trains operating speeds of 130 kmph and have on-board services such as entertainment, local cuisine, Wi-Fi internet. Tejas is a sanskrit name meaning 'one with brig…

Save Money by Opting Out of Railway Catering Services

You can now save some money by getting a railway ticket at a lesser price than before. Indian Railways is looking to make catering charges optional (which are mandatory till now).

To take advantage of this scheme, all you have to do is to tell the railways at the time of booking train ticket that you are not interested in their catering services. This can be done by marking an option in railway reservation form (which will be modified in near future).

Now, you must be thinking of your food. From where will you get food to eat if you feel hungry? This is a relevant concern especially if you are travelling by a long distance non stop train. To give you bit of a relief, we can share with you that railway officials have promised to provide local or desi home made food in train for such passengers who have opted out of catering.

There is good variety of food available at most of the Indian Railway stations. The cuisines and dishes varies from region to region and it's fascinating to s…

Interesting Facts on Train Names in India

There are some very interesting facts behind train names in India. Since diversity is one of the most fascinating aspects of Indian culture, the train names are also diverse and interesting.

Due to this diversity the people from one part of country aren't necessarily aware of language and traditions of other parts of the country. That's why some of the train names might look a bit different and confusing at first, but the fact is each train name has a story hidden behind it.

Given below are the solid facts on how some of the trains running in India, under Indian Railways, got their interesting names. We have listed them alphabetically so that it is easier for you to spot the train. Here they are:

Agniveena Express

Train no: 12341/ 12342 Howrah – Asansol (ER Howrah division)

In Bangla it means "The Fiery Lute". This is the name given to the collection of poems by the celebrated Bengali poet, musician, revolutionary and philosopher, Kazi Nazrul Islam. He was…