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How he Hacked IRCTC in 30 seconds to book 500 train Tickets Online

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested a man who made 500 confirmed railway tickets in 30 seconds using 10 laptops by hacking (the online railway reservation) site.

The accused Hamid Ashraf was arrested from Basti (Uttar Pradesh) in a joint operation by a team of CBI inspectors comprising of officers from Lucknow and Central Railway Vigilance. Hamid was quite an expert in making train tickets in 30 seconds.

You should know:

That it takes about a 1 minute time to make a confirm railway ticket at the reservation counter.Hamid, on the other hand, printed 500 rail tickets simultaneously with the help of multiple laptops in half a minute.He used to frequently change his location of work to not to get caught.Hamid also developed a specialized hacking software "Back KS".As per reports there are about 5000 agents of Hamid who are using this software and as of now they have robbed almost Rs 9 crore of railway. Our readers would remember that we gave reason…

Railway recruitment RPF to Check Tickets on Computer

Railway employment is done for various posts in railway. One of these is Railway Protection Force (RPF). But now these RPF recruits will do a job other than their main railway job.

In order to curtail excessive train ticket booking by agents, Indian Railway is taking some strong steps. In this regard the CCTV cameras of reservation offices of railway will now be used by RPF personnel to check if some illegal activity is carried out at ticket booking counters. In particular, watch will be kept on agents who spend time at the same counter and book many tickets at a time, so much so that the other passengers find their name in waiting list.

Also the computer IP addresses of the all the computers used for railway booking will be traced and will be checked in order to find out if the number of train tickets that can be booked from one system is more than a permissible limit. Also the commercial staff of railway is given task of closely watching any person who uses same or more than one ID…

Earth Day and Indian Railways!

Today is earth day. The day when we take pledge to protect earth from pollution and destruction. Not that we are that powerful. The mother earth is mighty enough to take care of not only herself, but she takes care of us too. But it's our ego that make us say "Today I take pledge that I'll protect earth from all the damages".

Anyway, today you will see how Indian railway is contributing towards protecting earthly resources. Indian railway is known as lifeline of India. In fact there is a village whose life is dependent on railway bridge in India. Railway carries millions of people each day  from one place to other in it's passenger and local trains. Not to forget the food and other essential commodities that are transited by railway from one corner of India to the other.

Most parts of India are suffering from drought like conditions. Specially latur district in Maharashtra. Indian railway is carrying water to the region. This is not happening only now, but from …

Important Facts on Light Metro Trains That You Should Know

The railways in India has come a long way. From the first train that ran on April 16,1853 between Bori bunder Mumbai  and Thane railway stations, the Indian Railways has changed a lot, and people have many experiences, both good and bad. But this is the era of Metro Trains, and light metro trains.
In the latest railway budget a provision of Rs. 8000 crore is made for the first phase of metro rail project between Bhopal and Indore. Thus we will see metro running in MP in very near future along with Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai, Bengaluru where the train is already running and rendering its services to the locals.
In fact there is a demand among public to convert all passenger trains in India to metro trains.

The light metro train is thus far more popular in Germany, Saudi Arab, Dubai and Poland. It travels between the speeds of 30 to 40 kph and is cheaper than mono train and heavy mono train. It is most useful for places with light density of population. The bogies are comparatively…

Top Funny Indian Railway Incidents Courtsey lack of Toiltes

Sometimes the problems create fun too. And this is going to be hilarious. We touched upon the lack of toilets in railway locos in India in the post where loco pilots answer their natural calls, and while the issue is serious, some of our railway friends from Indain railways itself, have posted us some funny incidents. Enjoy them here.

There are hilarious stories regarding the lack of toilets in locomotives.

 Once on a footplate I asked the asst driver where he'd disappeared.He mentioned he'd gone to the rear cab to pee! So next time you are hit by a spray by the window, it may not be just water :-)There was another case in Vijayawada where the TN express was delayed by 20 min because the chief driver had to go when he had to go!Most hilariously, in Salem, one asst. driver had to take a dump, so he used a coach on the adjacent platform. That train promptly took off. If you have some funny things to share with us related to railways, do send us. Thank You! Have fun!

A Village whose Life is dependent on Railway Bridge

In India, there is a village whose lifeline is as long as a railway bridge. Existence of this rail bridge means 'life', if it doesn't exist it means 'no life', or even 'death' in some cases.
It's been 68 years since the country has gained independence. There are talks of development and improvement of life quality of people all around India. All seems rosy. But all is not well.
There is still a village in India name "Nakatpura", near Dhaulpur in Rajasthan, where railway bridge is the only thing you can use to get 'in' or 'out' of the place. Believe it, there is no other road or route to connect to other towns and cities.

This might shock you, but it's true. Now, If a train comes running in while villagers are crossing the bridge, there is no other way for them to save their lives but to jump into the Chambal river and hope for the best. Among the people who cross the bridge are small school going children, ill people, and …

Special Train Package by IRCTC on Gatiman Express for Agra Tour

Special train package for those interested in touring Agra on India's fastest train Gatiman Express, which is on the run from last 2 weeks, is finally announced by IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism company).

As we all know Agra is a part of golden triangle in Indian touring circuit. Your visit to India is not considered to be complete without touring Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. While New Delhi is capital city, Jaipur is pink city, the city of Agra is world famous for the awesome architecture of Taj Mahal. All 3 cities are important part of Mughal era too.

With this announcement of special train one can go for sight seeing in double quick time. This is because not only one can now travel fast on Gatiman Express but can also do tajmahal ticket booking online to see it. This saves plenty of time as both the tickets can be booked using IRCTC online ticket booking services.

Agra tour can be booked online on IRCTC tourism site. There are more than one agra tour packages listed the…

National Train Enquiry System of Indian Railways for Running Trains

Unlike others, smart people like you use the national train enquiry system of Indian Railways to quickly get status of running train. You can spot your train within a minute.

Sometimes the train enuiry number 139 is out of order, and this is where Indian train enquiry, also known as "National Train Enquiry" comes handy for the people of the nation.

These days people tend to use railway apps to do all types of railway enquiry, It is so easy to find, using mobile, where a train has reached and when will be its arrival at a particular station. No doubt these are useful apps for 'on the go train enquiry'.

You must be wondering, with availability of so many good train enquiry apps to download - "What is the need of  Indian train enquiry system for finding train's current running status? "

It is a good question, especially when you have options like erail too.

Now we tell you secret or why should you use NTES. The reason is that it is the official system of …

All About Gatiman Express - The Fastest Train in India

After year of speculation, Gatiman Express - the fastest train thus far of India, has a line clear to run and gallop. Tickets can be booked online.

Just a few minutes from now, railway minister Suresh Prabhu flagged off the train from Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station giveng it green signal for its run towards Agra Cantt its destination. The distance will be covered in 100 min at a maximum speed of 160km/h.

Railway Minister has been emphasizing about increasing the speed of both passenger and goods train in his budget speeches. (Source: Ministry of Railways)

This is a matter of relief in a way. Although the present Modi Govt is all for high speed trains, including the dream bullet train. there have been many speculations in past upon the success of project.  Last year in June we raised questions and showed you what might hinder speed of train gatiman express.

But this is all behind us and now the India's fastest train is on its its way to first official run. It is a semi high spe…

How to Cancel Railway Ticket by Phone Call - IRCTC Counter Cancellation

Now you can cancel your confirmed railway ticket by a simple phone call and get refunds too and that  too without going to railway counter initially. This facility will become functional from second week of April 2016. It applies only for those tickets which are booked at the reservation counter and not online.

As per information given by Indian Railways officer: passenger will have to call at 139 and provide his ticket details, like PNR, date on which ticket is issued, journey date and other related info. After that a PIN or OTP (One time Password) will be send to callers phone. Customer will have to go to counter and tell this PIN to person stationed at railway reservation counter. If PIN matches refund will be granted to customer and his ticket will be cancelled. See the latest IRCTC cancellation charges here before you proceed further.

It is easy to remember the railway number: 139, as it is also a well known  railway enquiry number. This facility will allow users who don't d…

Flipkart Login - Buy mobile, clothes, shoes, appliances for home and kitchen on

Image is India's best website to buy wide range of products including Electronics, Books, Clothes, Accessories, Home furnishing and much more.

Secure Login with Two Step verification Flipkart's login process is not only fast but it is also secure. The signing in process involves two step verification. In the first step your mobile number is verified, and in the second step an OTP (one time password) is send to you. login is successful when the mobile no. and password, both are verified. This makes it extremely secure.
But then - How is Flipkart's login process is fast?
It may look that with 2 steps to verification, the process might be slow. But it isn't actually. You must have noticed that there is no pre registration required to start shopping online on flipkart. You just have to provide your mobile number. Flipkart automatically registers you upon verification. This is a new feature offered by to its customers. Earlier one needed to login in…