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Have you forgotten IRCTC User ID for Online Booking?

Sometimes it happens that a user forgets the username or user ID used in IRCTC for login. We will show here how to get your IRCTC ID. Many people don't know how to recover their ID if they don't remember it. But solution exists.

Just read till end carefully.

Note that we are not talking here about forgotten password, but we are talking about ID. Resetting forgotten password is easy as already explained in how to reset forgot irctc password.

But can we do the same when we forget the ID?

The problem looks simple at first look, but believe us that solution is not as easy as it might seem. Many people try to send email to but they get message that your issue is forwarded and nothing happens. Many time the date at which we intend to take journey pass by and we are left hapless as we cannot book train tickets online without IRCTC user ID.

One solution that comes to mind is to create a new email and than register on IRCTC with that email. But problem again arises be… Sale: Get Things Under Your Budget on Sale at Flipkart.COM

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Straightaway you can see which items are being offered today under the sale. It is important to get them before they are gone.

Best part is that you can either shop from flipkart's desktop site or you can download flipkart app and enjoy sale on your phone.

Many people have this wrong idea that the items that are being sold under the sale are of low quality. This is not quite true. Apart from few exceptions, the items that are put on sale are extremely good  ones. It is foolish to doubt about the quality of the products since flipkart double check the sellers reputation before allowing him to sell his products on their portal. The fact that a huge surge has been reported in number of people who s…

Important Suggestion for IRCTC Users

Here are some very important suggestions to IRCTC users. These suggestions might look simple, but believe that if you follow them you'll reap benefits in future.

Let's start:
Keep your profile updated: Every time you login to IRCTC, make sure to edit and update your profile. In particular you should change/ update your mobile number. As you would know, your phone number is used to send alert messages, reset irctc password, and details about reservation (pnr, seat, coach number). Imagine if you don't update your profile, forget your password, or your old phone is not in use, you'll face problems in booking tickets.
Logout After Use: You should always logout after booking or cancelling tickets, or after doing any other task on This not only keeps your account secure from hackers but also help IRCTC to serve their users faster. This is very important. That's why you see IRCTC automatically logging you out after sometime.
Don't allow others t…

Railway retiring room that looks like a Hotel

The Indian Railway station at Kota Junction is made on the lines of a hotel. Nine rooms available for passengers are renovated. People now coming to Kota (known for engineering coaching IIT) can now avail hotel facilities at railway station.

For visitors there is an AC Deluxe suite.Those who cannot afford AC room can stay in NON AC rooms. There are 3 of them on the platform. There are 2 air conditioned dormitories too to allow people to rest and relax.

Booking in this restroom can be done in person. It is not clear whether IRCTC online retiring room booking service can be used to book this hotel or not. Certainly, the accommodation in this hotel cannot be booked using any of the online hotel booking sites in India.

In the gallery of hotel, good interior designing is done. There are wallpapers and beautiful paintings. All rooms have curtains to cater the privacy of staying people.

There is a cabinet in every room where tourists can keep there valuables and luggage. Outside the gallery…

IRCTC Helicopter Service - Book Helicopter Tickets Online

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, in order to promote 'HeliTourism' - tour and travel by helicopter, has joined hands with Pawan Hans ( one of South East Asia's largest helicopter service provider), and users of IRCTC can now book air tickets for helicopter just as they do booking of train tickets.

IRCTC, a PSU of Indian Railways and Pawan Hans, a PSU of civil aviation ministry and signed a MOU to implement a project known as 'Heli Project' . Under this project both organizations will make use of each others capabilities and facilities to give a major fillip to tourism in India.

Under the agreement, IRCTC will provide its platform to its large user base to book tickets for helicopter charted services and joy rides.This is believed to be a major step to realize the enormous potential of air tourism in this region.

Apart from ticket booking, both parties will also combine to offer customized travel packages to their customers. What it means is tha…

Important Tatkal Rule Updates For Railway Users

Indian Railways is always trying to make things comfortable for its customers and hence change in tatkal rules is always on the cards. An important update regarding rules of Tatkal reservation is just introduced. This is related to Identity Card (ID) which is required for tatkal tickets.

As per new rule, the identity card issued by the head of village will also be considered a valid ID card for booking train tickets.

The new rule will give relief to many people of rural India. Earlier the ID card issued by village head was not considered as a legitimate identity card. Now that it is allowed, it becomes the 10th ID card among the list of ID's that are valid for tatkal reservation.

Railway has given more relief to people who travel on tatkal ticket. These are as under:

No longer you will be required to furnish photo copy of identity card at the time of booking tatkal train tickets.If there are more than one passengers reserved on single ticket (i.e. people booked on same PNR) only o…

Train Guard Disappears from running train with Walky Talky

A guard of goods train is reported to be missing from his cabin since last Saturday. All his luggage has been found in the cabin but walky talky is missing along with him.

The incident is reported from Sithouli, a small town near Gwalior in MP. Police along with GRP and RPF is investigating the issue. Prima facie it looks like someone has kidnapped the guard.

The on duty missing guard named Vedram Singh Jat boarded the goods train which was destined for Agra on Saturday evening. At midnight the goods train was halted at Sithouli village. The train was stranding at loop line. When point men went to Guards cabin to convey him some message for the forward journey he could not find him.

Point men than informed about the missing of guard to station master who forwarded it to Railway Protection Force (RPF). RPF launched the searching operation immediately and they even went to nearby jungle in order to find the guard. Thus far they haven't succeeded in their motive.

Interestingly, when…

Login to Shop at Flipkart India Now

Flipkart is a company that provides online shopping to customers in India. To start shopping go to flipkart India login page now and start shopping.

Go to flipkart India - Click here to Login.

You can also start shopping without logging into In that case you will need to enter details of yourself and address where items will be shipped at the time of check out. This will happen at just before you make payment (even if you opt to pay by cash on delivery option).

It is better to start online shopping after doing login into flipkart. Of course, you need to have your account already created in order to login. If you don't have one, sign up at  flipkart india registration page and create your account. After signing up, note down your username and password. You'll need them for successful login to flipkart india site. You will receive email which will have both user id and password in it.

The process of registration also require your mobile number. Enter it carefully a…

Hotel Booking Online Sites in India

Booking hotels has never been this easy. The burst of online hotel booking sites has meant that customers can not only do easy booking but also can compare prices before booking accommodation.

Gone are the days where to find best hotels you have to visit each hotel in person. Also gone are the days when to find good hotels you needed to purchase travel guides from book shops. These days there are plenty of wonderful sites that does the dirty work of finding best hotels for you. With smartphones gaining popularity, these online sites have their app version too. Thus you can book your accommodation on the go.

Comparison of various hotels and their prices is fascinating. Same room that is available at Rs.3000 per day at one site is available at discounted price of Rs.2000 on another site. But if you are thinking that it is the price that can be only compared, than you are wrong. You can compare hotels by other parameters too. For example you can compare hotels by their location. You can…

Train Accident - Pizza Hut Worker Dead

A shocking news has come along where a girl working at Pizza Hut got dead in a train accident. Incident too place in pink city, Jaipur - capital of State of Rajasthan in India.

Name of girl who has lost her life in train accident is Priyanka. She used to work at World Trade Park's Pizza Hut shop. She was crossing the track when she got hit by the express train.

As per locals, Priyanka - a native of Gangapur City was working in Jaipur. Everyday she used to go from her uncle's house to her place of duty. Uncle's home is situated at the other side of railway track. This railway track passes at the back of 'Gaurav Tower' - a popular market place of Jaipur.

As per habit she was enjoying music with head phones while walking. Those who witnessed the train accident told us that they hear loco pilot blowing horns many a times in order to get attention of the girl. But she was never going to listen. She was just lost in the music.

Loco pilot at the end applied emergency bra…