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Hidden Truth About National Railway Blankets Revealed

People traveling in national railways train would be shocked when they read about this hidden truth about the blankets that are served to them in air conditioned AC coaches.

Indian Railway is the national railway of India. No doubt it is an organization to be proud of for every citizen of the nation. It is one of the largest railway companies in the world. But being large doesn't mean it is world class. The services provided by it to the passengers it carries still needs to be sorted out.

Traveling in AC coaches is considered to be comfortable and secure way to travel by train in India. Except for few trains the bedroll and blankets are provided to the AC passengers by the railway itself. People like it.  They don't have to carry extra luggage to keep themselves protected from cold.

But do you know that the blanket that is provided to you is washed only once/twice in 2 months. Yes, you are given the same blanket that is used by other passengers for 60 days without being washed…

Train wait of 37 Years Finishes Finally

Today important train between stations: Etawah and Bhind was seen running by locals of the two cities albeit after 37 years of its announcement.

The run of the new train bought smiles and relief to the people of this area, which is much known for robbers. There have been plenty of prized robbers who in past lived in this rugged terrain where chambal river flows. Train will provide people safe route and security from looters and robbers.

Yesteryear parliamentarian Arjun Singh Bhadoria suggested the start of railway service between these two cities some 40 years ago. But due to politics and low vote bank that political parties enjoy from this border area lying between states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, this railway project has been neglected and kept aside. Finally train has started running on this railway route.

The route itself is not the prettiest in the word (see the prettiest railway route in world if you are interested in it).
More information about this train, like trai…

IRCTC Catering to Offer 25 Variety of Tea to Train Passengers

The "Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation" i.e. IRCTC has tied up with a famous tea-coffee chain Chaayos in order to bring 25 flavors of tea to its customers. This is such a freshening development. Imagine you travelling in train, you wake up in morning and there is this uplifting smell of ginger tea entering your nose.

But ginger is not the only flavor of tea. There are some curious one's too. What about having a cup of these tea's - "Aam Papad Chai", "Hari Mirchi Chai", "Kullhar Chai", "Adrak Tulsi Tea", "Ginger Tea", and "Lemon tea".

All the tea's can be ordered easily from your seat. An app is being developed for this purpose.

Apart from tea IRCTC is also bringing in new offer for its customers. As per offer, if a passenger orders a meal of more than Rs 300 under e catering scheme, he will be eligible to get a 10 percent cashback.

It is good to see that IRCTC is now living up to its name …

Twitter to be taken Seriously by Railway

Indian railways is all set to take complaints on twitter seriously and resolve the issues within 24 hours of complaint tweeted on twitter.

South east central railway is deriving a formula to take complaints made on social media platforms, twitter and Facebook, seriously. Zonal railway has directed its divisions - Raipur, Bilaspur, and Nagpur to monitor Facebook and Twitter continuously for 24 hours and see if someone has posted something regarding railway services. For this an expert team, which has expertise in handling social media platforms, is also formed.

The goal of railway is to address the complaints made by public within 25 minutes. At the moment this work is being done by railway's commercial wing. This is because this is the only department of railway which is on duty for 24 hrs, round the clock. Many people tend to send their complaints at railway enquiry number, but they don't get satisfactory answer. Actually railway enquiry is for checking pnr status, finding tr…

Get Beautiful Handicrafts on IRCTC portal

Indian Railways and IRCTC are now going to sell and promote beautiful handicrafts on the website. The hint came from railway minister Suresh Prabhu at the occasion of inauguration of Suraj kund Mela ( a popular fair which is conducted each year in Faridabad, city attached to South Delhi in Haryana).

Indian culture is so diverse and so is its art. Unfortunately many of it remains hidden due to lack of exposure and proper platform where it can be promoted and showcased. The unrivaled handicrafts of India often lack the market where they can be displayed properly and bring monetary gains for their makes. Now Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has extended a helping hand by promising to promote these beautiful pieces of art on their portal which is more popularly known for online ticket booking of railway tickets and providing luxury train tourism services.

While this looks rosy, especially due to large user base that IRCTC portal enjoys, one has to be cautious a…