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Book 15000 train tickets in 1 minute on IRCTC.CO.IN

Indian Railway ticket booking site has increased its speed by 7 times and it allows users to book 15000 train tickets in 1 minute. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) has also tested its server's security in order to make it more hack proof and to stop automatic login via tatkal booking software.

In order to prevent unauthorized tatkal ticket booking by a third party software, IRCTC has integrated a 35 second waiting period in its railway reservation system. Now each user has to wait for a minimum period of 35 seconds after he logs into his IRCTC account in order to initiate a new ticket booking process. This means that even if one uses fast tatkal ticket booking tricks (see new tatkal booking timings), including irctc autofill in order to boost up the booking of rail tickets, a ticket will be booked only after minimum 35 seconds of time has elapsed after login is done.

Ministry of railways has claimed that new security features will help curb …

Enjoy Desi Food - IRCTC Home Made 'Food In Train' Service

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is starting to provide home made food i.e 'Desi Food' in train to passengers. This service will be operated by local food makers and not a multi food chain company.

IRCTC has signed a deal with women self help group. Under this deal various women help groups will be able to post their menus on IRCTC's website along with the rate. For each selected station on the route, where this service is available, menu will be different based on the food items that can be served by the women help groups.

Basically when you login to IRCTC for e-Ticket booking, you will also see option for food booking under e-Catering services. This could also be available on IRCTC tourism portal.

Earlier also IRCTC ventured with food chains like KFC, Dominoz, Mio amore, TFS, cafe lite, haley curry to provide tasty foods to its customers. Not to forget the IRCTC eCatering Service that is perhaps the easiest way to get meal at your train seat. …