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Login to ICICI Bank For Railway Ticket Booking and Status Check

Most people login to page for railway ticket booking. But now you don't have to be dependent on IRCTC for booking your railway tickets as you can now do booking and cancellation of railway tickets on ICICI bank's website.

This is a great service as we all know that sometimes booking train tickets online can be problematic. This is because during the peak festival season, the number of people looking to book railway tickets increases manifold resulting in non availability of railway booking site aka By the time one is able to do irctc login successfully, the seat availability in a train becomes nil. As a result many people are deprived of booking tickets successfully.

Apart from ticket booking, ICICI bank will also offer a service to check railway ticket status. One can check PNR status on railway enquiry site -, but this is a nice alternate offered by ICICI, the largest private sector bank in India. Both IRCTC and ICICI bank have…

IRCTC Mobikwick - Book Railway Tickets Faster Than Ever

If you are planning to book railway tickets and time is precious for you and you want to ditch those long queues than you should look forward to do IRCTC login on the new 'IRCTC mobikwick' wallet that will book your tatkal and other general tickets in a blink of an eye.

Recently IRCTC has joined hands with Mobikwick who are new players in the field of providing online bill payment services and offers coupons and cashback too. It is a virtual wallet which lets you pay bills faster and smoother. This will be extremely useful for those railway users who use android phones for booking train tickets online.

Now you must be thinking that IRCTC has already improved its ticket booking process and has made it faster by launching a new faster version, which we call IRCTC next generation website or NGET IRCTC in short, than what is the need of this extra step. How much faster do they want to run their ticket booking website. Isn't it waste of money? What has happened to fast servers…

Where should loco pilots answer their natural calls?

The loco pilots or train engine drivers who keeps the rolling stocks of railway rolling are facing a major issue from very beginning of railway operations in India. The problem is that there is no toilets inside the railway engine. Hence they don't know where to answer the natural call when it comes.

Sometime lack of toilet in train creates funny situations too, but seriously this is problematc.

Railways in India is keen on improving facilities for its passengers and major improvements are seen these days across the board. We've seen better furnished coaches, clean platform, better security and emergency services for passengers. In last railway budget even bio-toilets were announced. But there is not much done to take care of loco drivers.

Due to lack of toilet facility in railway engines the loco drivers face a huge problem every day of their duty. Generally there is a 10 hour shift. During this time the drivers are forced to hold on tightly against the nature for long perio…

Is Selfie with Fast Moving Train a Good Idea?

Taking selfies is one of the most cherished hobbies of all, especially youths, these days. The activity  has gain even more popularity with invention of gadgets like selfie stick, a rod which make taking selfies really easy.

Clicking a photo of oneself with friends or a famous personality with a backdrop of a world famous monument is something everyone like doing with smartphone in the hand. It's all too easy.

Some people, however, like to be more adventurous and likes to take a standout selfie which usually involve a bit of risk. Some like to stand at tip of mountain cliff and take a photo while others like to make a free fall click snaps while diving.

Recently in Indore, a famous city in India, a young man tried to take one such risky selfie where he attempted to click a photo standing beside a railway line when a high speed train was coming from behind. He thought it will be a great snap, something that will get highest number of likes on Facebook and Google+, but unfortunatel…