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Why a train becomes bullock cart in Bihar

Do you know that as soon as a train enters the state of Bihar it gets transformed into a Bullock Cart? Why bulls feel that they can beat the trains in a race? And why passenger feels that a bullock cart will be a better and cheaper option to complete the journey?

Meanwhile if you are interested in bullock carts - this is a beautiful bullock cart showpiece.

This could be as a result of some special divine power. We don't know, but the speed gets dramatically decreased from 110 kph to 19 kph. Some bullock carts run faster than that speed, especially when bulls are hungry.

Most trains from Delhi reach Gorakhpur railway station on time, but after that when they will finally reach their destination is anybody's guess. It's not that there is no schedule for trains running in Bihar, but due to aforesaid unknown divine power all trains suddenly start disobeying the train timetable and as soon as they enter the northern Bihar border.
A fast train by the name 'Saptkranti expres…

Good News - Direct train between Lucknow and Rajasthan Soon

Soon the travelers interested in traveling from Lucknow to Rajasthan will get a direct train to Alwar from Lucknow. This is going to get possible due to railway's plan to extend the current trains running between Mathura and Lucknow-Patna up to Alwar stations.

As of now the people looking to travel to Alwar from Lucknow or from Lucknow to Alwar have to first reach either Jaipur or Delhi, the two most important railway stations in northern India, and then change trains to reach their destinations.

The DRM (Divisional Railway Manager) of North Central Railway (Agra) - Mr. Prabhash Kumar has said that more facilities will be provided for railway users passing through Alwar-Mathura railway stations in future. The electrification is already done on this railway route. As of now only one train is being chugged by the electric locomotive but soon all the trains will be pulled by the electric locos instead of the diesel engines which are pulling the trains at present. This will also incr…