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Train Roof - Favorite place to sit for passengers in India

Believe it or not, the train roof has become a favorite place for passenger to sit and travel in India. At least, the recent pictures featuring devotees sitting at top of train while going to see and seek blessings of their guru on occasion of guru poornima, a full moon day festival, force us to believe it.

It was very common for people to sit at train's roof during rush hours during the days prior electrification of routes Indian Railways. And one had thought that with most routes getting electrified the practice would have ended by now. But it has not happened.
Despite railway authorities asking people not to sit on passenger trains roof; and despite many accidents, the trend seems to have getting back. On the routes that are yet to be electrified, and on which the trains are pulled by diesel and steam locomotives, the travelers are happy to climb up the roof of the train and travel. The problem is especially worse on the meter gauge routes, that are not yet got electrified in …

Two unknown railway helpline numbers

Recently, Indian Railway has started many toll free helpline numbers on which railway users can call and get their problems solved without paying any charges. Strangely enough large number of people aren't aware of all these useful numbers yet. As per survey conducted by us most people in India are only aware of railway enquiry number which is 139.

But 139 is not the only railway number you need to remember. There are many other numbers which people can use to quickly get help or to solve any problem related to railway operations in India.

For the benefit of our readers we are listing some of these numbers here:

138 - Use this railway number for registering complaints related to booking, cleanliness inside trains and at platforms, unavailability of electricity and water inside the running train, functioning of AC and fans in coaches.182 - Use this railway helpline number if you feel danger while train is moving. For example, if you feel insecure due to fight among unsocial element…

High Speed Train Running Information

It is likely that Indian Railway users would spot the trains of high speed running on railway tracks in next 2 years in India. Users are already aware that the trials for the run of India's first high speed train, scheduled to run between New Delhi and Agra, have been successfully completed; and all are now waiting for the regular fast train service.

Ministry of railways has started putting up plans in place for the smooth run of high speed trains. As per railway ministry the fast trains would only have 12 coaches/bogies. It is also decided that all these 12 coaches would be of LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) type. The relatively small number of coaches would mean that seat availability at times would be less, but it is necessary so that high speeds of over 160 kph can be maintained. In fact, railways has given directions to replace the current coaches in all train (mail/express/ superfast) with new LHB coaches so that the speeds of these train can also be increased.

What is LHB Coach?

IRCTC Fast Ticket Booking on New Servers

Recently IRCTC added 5 new servers that provide fast IRCTC login and to do booking of railway tickets in large numbers per minute. This means individuals who have IRCTC registration ID can login and do ticket booking in less time as the power of new servers working in parallel has boosted the performance of, site for online railway reservation in India.
As per news in Indian Express titled: "IRCTC to install five more servers to strengthen its e-ticketing system,"the addition of 5 more servers will increase the capability of IRCTC to handle number of concurrent users from 180,000 at present to 300,000.

These servers are of type HP Itanium and will streamline the upgraded passenger reservation system (PRS) popularly known as Next Generation E-Ticketing System (NGET). Earlier there were only 5 servers, with 5 more servers, the total number of server goes up to 10. This means all the requests for ticket booking will now be handled by 10 servers in total. Ba…