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Get Free Alert on Train Cancellation by Indian Railways

There is a good news. Now Indian Railways will send free alerts on mobile numbers of passengers in case their train gets cancelled.

The "cancelled train alert" service is being started as a pilot project by railway and initially it will be available to only those passengers who would commence their journey from the source station of the train. Later on the service would also  be made available to all the passengers who may have booked their tickets from any intermediate station on the train route, and not just from the source station of the train.

As per news agency, railway official has said that they have planned to provide SMS alerts to railway passengers on their mobile phones in case railway has to cancel train running due to some unforeseen development. As of now, in order to know if train is cancelled, one has to regularly keep watch on National Train Enquiry or NTES which also provide free service to get train running status and facility to spot the train location f…

Tatkal Booking Timings for AC and Non AC Classes

Booking of railway tickets in tatkal starts one day prior to date of journey. Timings for different reservation classes are as follows:

Air Conditioned Coaches: Booking Starts at 10 AM.Non Air Conditioned  Coaches: Reservation starts at 11 AM.

Note down above mentioned tatkal booking timings for booking your railway tickets fast.

What is Tatkal? 'Tatkal' means 'this very moment,' andIndian Railways Tatkal scheme is for those people who are looking for immediate reservation. Tatkal tickets are booked by those people who, for some reason, were unable to do booking earlier, and seats under regular quota are already occupied.

Under Tatkal Scheme, the ticket booking starts one day prior to the journey day from train originating station. This scheme is used by people to get a confirmed ticket; albeit by paying higher reservation charges than normal. Rates of Tatkal tickets is much higher than when you do reservation in other quota's. Only condition is you will need to do …

Airbus Ticket Booking India

There have been air bus size airplanes in India and booking is being done from long time now, but nothing seem to have created as much craze as this new airbus in India. The tickets are always available, even now flight tickets are available, in this airbus. Everyone wishes that the first flight they take must be in this aeroplane.

The best thing about this air flying machine is that it can fly with flashing lights and sounds. The sound of this airplane in flight is different from any other airplane. The lights are extraordinary too. Kids specially love it.
The 224 gram Green Dee Boeing 747-300 runs on smooth surfaces and can change direction quite efficiently. The light weight means that this airplane is easy to carry. While it can be a perfect gift for your kid, it looks beautiful too when placed upon a shelf in your drawing room. The guests are have their eyes widening when they see this airbus.
It is made up of ABS plastic and requires 3 AA batteries to operate. These are not inc…

What might hinder speed of Gatiman Express

We all know that trials have been conducted for the run of India's first semi high speed train: "Gatiman Express". It is expected to skyrocket between Delhi and Agra at max speed of 160 kph, covering the distance between two stations within 3 hours.

While the train will move at speeds above 150 kph on most of the route, there is one section where even India's first semi high speed train will have to put breaks on its speed. This section lies between Delhi and Mathura. From the cabin of Faridabad junction to Asaoti railway station trains are not allowed to run at 160 kph. There is speed limitation. Train are allowed to run only at speeds below 120 kph.

Actually railway has a working timetable for the trains on all routes. It is different from the train timetable or trains at a glance, that passengers refer to for finding schedule and timings. This timetable has entries which clearly shows what is the maximum speed a train can touch while it is running on a certain se…

Train from Delhi to Srinagar

There many people around the world who come to India to see Jammu and Kashmir: paradise on earth. Train is the best transport to explore India and its culture. So it is not surprising to see these tourists asking: Is there are any train from Delhi to Srinagar (capital city of state of J&K).

Delhi is capital of India. And as you would expect there is a railway facility available. In fact there are more than one railway stations in India. State of Jammu & kashmir do have a railway facility, but it is not available as much as it is in other states of the country.

So, can one reach Srinagar from Delhi by train?

We thought it will be useful for railway users to have the answer available easily. We decided to do a bit of research on this. What we found is discussed below.

We want to a site that provides information about train between the stations. If you think you know the site, you might be wrong. This information is not available on popular railway enquiry: sit…