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What Can/Mod PNR status means?

Sometime when you check PNR status, the status shown is 'Can/Mod'. Many people are curious to know: What exactly does Can/Mod PNR status means?

There are two terms in "Can/Mod". Can and Mod. These are explained below.

Can: stands for cancellation. It tells that railway has assigned a PNR number to a ticket, but the ticket is marked for cancellation. This PNR number won't be allotted to any other ticket and it will eventually be 'Flushed'.

Mod: stands for modified. It tells that the ticket is modified after it was assigned a PNR number. This happens when a customer or railway officials change journey details. This could be change in passenger name, modification in travel class, date of journey etc.

Now we can easily state what Can/Mod PNR status means. In light of above explanation it means that the ticket is marked for cancellation or is modified after its issuance.

It is important for users to keep in mind that they should never made cancellations of ra…

What to do if you do not receive IRCTC registration email

Many users complain: IRCTC registration email is not received by them yet. As a result activation of their IRCTC account is not possible, and they don't know what to do.

It is important to know the significance of this problem. As you know, it is extremely easy to create new account on IRCTC. Signup basically requires filling up online information about yourself. But successfully furnishing personal details is not enough. The account needs to be activated. Without activation, the purpose for which a user creates a new account on IRCTC: for doing online railway reservation, is not served.

Now you should know how the account is activated. When you submit requisite details through online form, IRCTC responds by sending you a confirmation mail. This email consists of auto-generated password and link to activate your account, along with other guidelines. User then is required to use the activation link and key in his username and password, sent to him through IRCTC registration confor…

IRCTC mobile ticketing site

Railway customers would be aware of new IRCTC apps for android, blackberry, windows, and iPhone mobiles (download irctc apps here), they would be surprised to know that irctc mobile ticketing site: is still relevant and is used by users from all over the country to book their railway tickets.

No doubt that with large number of feature rich smartphones coming in, the apps are the best way to complete the online ticket booking process using mobiles. But still there are crores of people in India having ordinary mobile phones (not smart ones). These ordinary phones aren't capable of running the latest irctc apps which require a mobile to have certain minimum configuration (especially memory and processing speed) to be able to function smoothly. For such people the irctc mobile site is still the best option for booking railway tickets on mobile.
The best thing about the mobile ticketing site of irctc is that, that it works same as the full fledg…

Most wanted answers on IRCTC questions

Given here are some of the most wanted answers to questions about IRCTC.

Q. What is full form of IRCTC? A. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.
Q. What is the process of booking tickets online on IRCTC is called? A. e-Ticketing.
Q. How "Plan my Journey" in IRCTC is accessed? A. By doing IRCTC login.
Q. What is new IRCTC reservation system known as? A. NGET which stands for Next Generation e-Ticketing.
Q. How many tickets can be booked in a single session on A. 1 ticket, system automatically logs out user after that.
Q. What are right tatkal booking timings on IRCTC? A. 10 AM.
Q. Who updates IRCTC website? A. CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems).
Q. Can I book ticket for seeing Taj Mahal on IRCTC? A. Yes you can. You need to visit
Q. Are all the trains available for booking on IRCTC? A. No. Certain overseas trains cannot be booked.
Q. How can I access the old IRCTC site? A. By going to url ''.
Q. …

IRCTC Login Box

On homepage of '' you see a rectangular box. This is also known as 'irctc login box'. Using this box one can initiate booking (Indian Railway) tickets. One can also buy Mumbai suburban season ticket, signup, recover password, and even agents can of IRCTC can use it. The 'IRCTC login' box is shown below.

This box allows you to do irctc login.

Users can locate this box easily. It is situated just at the right of "Alerts and Updates" and to the left of "IRCTC Attractions" boxes on "IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System".

IRCTC Login Box Elements There are various elements, including fields, links, and a button, that combine to form login box of IRCTC. All these elemets are contained in a html form.  These are discussed below:
User ID: It is username or user id which user chose at the time of registration. It is maximum 10 characters in length and may include symbols, numbers, underscore character.
Password: Default passwor…

Which two trains from Bilaspur Station to run regularly

In the railway budget announced last year two new trains were granted to south east central zone (SCER) of railway. Both the trains were to start from Bilaspur station much earlier, but not yet have commenced due to one reason or the other.

The running of Bilaspur-Bhagat Ki Kothi and Bilaspur-Bikaner passenger trains have been delayed due to lack of coaches and generator van. Only temporarily these two trains have run on tracks between the stations after the budget announcement. Now railway officers have decided to give the trains a green signal albeit with less coaches then what is required to form a complete train. Meanwhile the generator has been arranged.

It is believed that the trains will start running regularly from May 26, 2015 onward. The chief safety commissioner of railway at kolkata has also issued clearance certificate to the zonal railway so that they can go ahead and run the train. It is clear that due to lack of railway equipment needed to run the train smoothly railw…

Passengers with WL PNR Status To Get Discounted Flight Tickets

What would you normally do if you check your railway PNR status and it remains WL (wait listed) every time you check it and doesn't change to 'confirm' status? In most cases you will bang your head, curse your luck, or say some harsh words to railway authorities. 

But soon you will start praying that if your status of reservation is wait listed, it remains so. This is because IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) has planned to provide discounted flight tickets to such passengers who have booked their tickets online (through IRCTC next generation e-ticket system) at least 3 days before the date of journey, and their tickets doesn't get confirmed even after train chart is prepared. Because of this condition the railway customers having purchased e ticket using IRCTC tatkal booking won't get benefited from flight ticket discount scheme.
IRCTC has held talks with GoAir and Spicejet airlines in this connection. Although the discount amount is not fix…

Track clear for VIP executive lounge at A1 railway stations

The track to built VIP executive lounges at 50 A1 grade railway stations in India has been cleared. This has happened after signing up of new contract between Ministry of Railways and Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. Making of executive lounges will start from next month onward.

It was during the railway budget of 2012-13 that the railway minister announced making VIP lounges available to railway travelers with objective of providing world class facilities.

The matter than got stuck at different levels. In particular, the land could not be made available to IRCTC for lounge making. In between all this the railway authorities at Bhopal (MP) even decided to took alternative route and started talks with banks for the making, management and operation of lounges. But after the recent discussions and contract thereafter it is clear that IRCTC will lead the operation of the project.

At Bhopal railway station the lounge will be fabricated on platform number 1 near food plaza.…

PNR Status By SMS

In order to get the latest railway reservation status check PNR status by SMS using the instructions given below.

The PNR (Passenger Name Record) number of Indian Railway tickets consists of 10 digits. This number needs to be send by SMS in order to receive the status of reservation by sms message from railway.

There are various railway SMS service numbers on which a user can send their railway ticket's PNR's. These are mentioned below:
13954959567647 To check your PNR status  send message as: PNR ********** to any of the above numbers. Replace red asterisks with your PNR number.
Within seconds you would receive a reply by SMS showing your current status of reservation.
That's it! That's how easy it is to check pnr status by sms.

Can I book tickets before IRCTC Tatkal Booking Time starts

In desperation to get a seat in train many people are now looking towards seats available under tatkal quota of railways. Due to heavy rush and advance reservation in trains the availability under other normal quota's is already showing 'Nil' or 'Not Available'.

As we have already discussed before that tatkal booking provides last minute opportunity for those travelers to get a berth in a train who couldn't get a seat booked earlier. But these days even the number of people attempting to do booking under tatkal quota is quite big. Due to this rush many people are looking for the availability of any tricks or some software that allows them to do booking before anyone else can do it.

Basically people are looking for a software that allows them to book tickets before IRCTC tatkal booking time starts. Booking time is 10 AM ( starts 1 day in advance) as we all know. Question is - "Is there any tatkal booking software?" or "Can I book tickets before t…

Why even hackers don't hack IRCTC ?

The site - the official railway ticket booking site of India belonging to Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has never been hacked, and there is very less chance of anyone attempting to do so. This might sound strange to you.

In a country like India where due to abundance of talented IT and programming talent, the claim that no one will even attempt to hack IRCTC doesn't seem right.

Especially when there are great benefits of doing so.

Of course new programmers do get excited and try and hack a website. After all what it requires is some good and intelligent programming. Although there are no known hacks, some well known hackers might be considering making an autobot that will just require to fill in captcha at the time of ticket booking. Basically on one single click the bot will automatically try to book Tatkal ticket at 10 am and will prompt you only for captcha. Captcha can also be bypassed though. No one has yet created such a hack. However …

IRCTC Registration for New Users

New users can signup on IRCTC easily by filling up the irctc registration form online at railway registration (railway booking site). By creating new account for themselves, users can do ticket booking using the online passenger reservation system.

The steps below will guide users on how to do irctc registration.

The process to register on irctc is easy and free. You can also watch the following video which summarize the process for new user registration on Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) online e-ticketing site.

Go to homepage of and look for 'signup' option.Users will then need to fill an online form. All the fields with (*) are mandatory to be filled. Special care must be taken while filling in email id and mobile number fields. Provide valid email and mobile as user id, password, and an activation link will be sent to registered E-Mail id and mobile verification code will be sent at registered mobile number by SMS message.Submit the form…

Why use Paytm for IRCTC railway booking payment

There are many options available to users when it comes to make payment for buying railway tickets online. Paytm is brand new option which has become already popular among the customers of railway.

Paytm is actually an online wallet where you can store money and use it to make quick recharges, pay bills, do shopping, send money to friends & pay for various services like Uber, MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow & others. Best part is that it is completely secure digital payment option.

Please note that - as of now IRCTC disables all cash card/e-wallet options including IRCTC prepaid cards from 8 am to 12 noon. So you can book your tickets on the site with your Paytm Wallet after 12 pm.

Most of you who regularly use IRCTC online ticketing system for railway and flight booking would be aware of the fact that IRCTC has its own eWallet. We have already explained how to use IRCTC eWallet for faster tatkal booking. Then what is the reason for IRCTC to go for another eWallet, a third party digit…

Amazon Summer Sale

Amazon India's summer sale is happening on dates May 6, May 7, and May 8. Amazon calls it a "Great Indian Summer Sale". And they also claim that the deals will make you dance.

UPDATE:Sale is Over, But Offers are still on. Checkout!

As per all the leading newspapers, especially the first page, in the sale new deals will be available every half hour starting from 8 AM. Those who download the amazon app on their smartphone can benefit even more as the deals will go live 15 minutes early on the app.

checkout for sales
Consumers can further save money by SBI debit card because additional cashback of 15 percent on app and 10 percent on site is available when you buy products during the sale of the summer.

Have a look at the list below to get hint on what discounts might be available ob various products/ items during the sale:

Kenstar AC 1 ton will be available for Rs. 20990 only.Yureka's smartphone will go for sale from 10 AM onward for just Rs.8999.One plus One ph…