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Where available - the product I want right now

Like many, if you are also struggling to find the product you desperately want, and perhaps asking yourself - Where it is available, the one I want? You must read this right now.

Here is the fastest and easiest way to find the product you want to buy from online shopping sites in India. There are hundreds of trusted e commerce sites like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, jabong, 'times of india shopping', you name it, which are selling thousands of products online today to millions of satisfied customers in India. While these sites offer great products at reasonable rates (prices), searching the one you want can be a real tough task. And if there is a shortage or scarcity or product in market, or it is out of stock, the problem becomes big and one start to wonder where available it might be.

To make it easy for you to quickly find the product you want to buy, the one you already have in your mind, we have come with a solution that will help you, not only to search the item fast, bu…

Top 10 Bestseller Books in India right now

This list of top 10 best selling books in India is updated frequently to keep you updated with what books are people reading most. This is a great way to to find the bestseller and most popular books online.

#1. The immortals of Meluha Buy Here.
An awesome read by author Amish. Anyone interested in Indian mythology should give it a try. You are sure to connect with the characters. The book demands that the reader disassociate THE Lord Shiva from Shiva the Individual, which is one of the most fascinating part of the book.
#2. The World's Best Boyfriend Buy Here.
A masterpiece from the author Durjoy Dutta. Book highlights many important aspects about love, hate and relationships in life. This book is so much different from the ones we are used to. It is full of intensity and the main characters, Dhruv and Aranya seem to somehow get pulled towards each other by a magnetic force. Too much passion between the two and only the two of them seem to keep each other sane or on their toes.

Flipkart books latest collection

Flipkart Books store has collection of books in two formats - paperback and ebook, of different types by many authors. If you are a voracious reader and a book lover, the book store of is the right place for you to find the best books online. Among huge collection of flipkart books you will find all the books - latest, popular, and bestseller books, the sort of books that readers in India look forward to have in their own collection.

Flipkart Books Collection To buy a book or see which new books are available in collection, use the button below.

Latest Flipkart Books

Need of Online Flipkart Books Shop India is a huge country with big markets and stores but finding the book has always been a big problem. This is particularly the case in small town and cities where often a person has to order a book via his friends living in big cities aka metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

If you don't know people living in metro cities, the only other …

Useful Flpkart App for Android Phones

Flipkart's new online shopping app which runs on Android Phones of all types and sizes has many great features and it is must have app on your new smartphone that runs on Android.
It shows discounts and offers on every item and Flipkart assures 'delivery on time' of items ordered via its app.
The newest version of app has plenty of exciting features. This favorite shop online app of India provides a faster and smarter way to browse through products. You can just add items to a shopping cart and place order, or keep them in your wishlist.
While going to and buying products is still possible through PC's, using your smartphone and flipkart's app is the preferred way to do online shopping these days.

The latest app, released on May 15, 2016, is suitable for people aged above 12 years, and allows you to do shopping with ease that has never seen before. It is recommended to read the permissions this app requires on your phone in order to work properly.

Let thieves run away with your luggage in train

Every time you travel by train in India, you take utmost care about your valuables and especially luggage. Cases of luggage theft are quite common and many passengers have suffered losses, especially during holiday season when rush in trains and platforms is at all time high.  
Passengers travel in trains with their high quality travel bags (like VIP travel bags and popular travel bags of Duffel).

Suitcases and travel bags are the most stolen items in passenger trains in India. People worry less about ever increasing indian railway luggage rates then the items that together make their entire luggage.

But now passengers won't have to worry about their baggage being stolen.  In fact passengers can happily let thieves runaway with your baggage. This is because IRCTC, the online train ticket service provider in India, is contemplating offering "baggage insurance" plan to its customers.

It is a sort of travel insurance where insurer (passenger in this case)) can make a claim…

First flight

The point of focus of this article is "First Flight". Just like many people aren't aware of first flight couriers, many people also aren't aware of the significance of first flight's in their lives. Of all the flights which are scheduled to take off on a particular day, the first one is the most important one. If somehow you are able to catch it, you'll be well ahead of others in your life. You'll deliver the fastest and the best service to your customers or performance in your office.

There is a saying -"Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a men healthy, wealthy, and wise,"- it's true. But real wise men, the most intelligent among the early birds, never miss out on a first flight available. This is because they know the importance of the time. The earlier you reach your working destination, more time you'll have to plan things properly for the rest of the day, which will definitely aid you to make a good start. And all that starts w…

IRCTC Train Enquiry

The IRCTC train enquiry is useful for getting information about a train whose ticket is booked online using Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation's online railway reservation system.

The important information available through IRCTC's train enquiry, as seen on site, is very similar to what we have already mentioned on railway enquiry page (where telephone number and other related info is also given).

We list below some of the important enquiries of IRCTC related to train, all of which can be performed by calling on 139. Rail users can also just SMS on 139(One number for One India) and get all the information about basic and premium railway services through a single window by interacting with  professionally trained agents in hindi, english and regional languages.

PNR status enquiry: It is done to confirm the reservation status of passenger.Train timings enquiry: It tells the correct/ right time or scheduled time of train on stations on its route. (Also see

IRCTC Next Generation - New Online Railway Ticket Booking System

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, IRCTC, has new online railway ticket booking system known as 'IRCTC Next Generation'. Earlier the irctc login process, and railway booking thereafter, was so slow that it often left users frustrated. New generation which likes speed, as they tend to do things fast, and ignore old and slow systems outright, the IRCTC's next generation online ticket booking system is just the right 'railway reservation system' which has the potential to not only satisfy the current generation of railway users but will continue to appeal the next generation too due to its improved features, performance, fast loading time, and reliability.

The new railway booking system is not only fast but it is also easier to work with. It is a preferred platform of most new users who are looking for train ticket booking online. IRCTC itself recommends people to use it and discard the older version. This is clear from the fact that most old users are …

Why people won't check PNR Status in next few days

To check PNR Status the is one of the most common activities of people who do advance railway reservation. People does this to see if their reservation is confirmed or where they are still lying on RAC or Waiting List of train chart.

But in coming few days no one will be checking their status of reservation. You must be thinking what is it we are talking about here. It is not that railway website or is going down for maintenance. The reason is something else.

There is a pretty solid reasoning behind the prediction that not many people will bother to go to train enquiry on the internet and check id their seat is confirmed or not. What is it?

If you have a railway ticket with a seat non confirmed at present, there is a very high chance that it won't get confirmed. This is because there is already a huge rush of railway passengers. Getting a solitary seat is a 'good luck' - no one is going to cancel their seats. They might sell it to someone…

What is IRCTC login train timings

Today you'll see what is IRCTC login train timings.

It is right that people login to IRCTC in order to do online booking of tickets on internet. But knowing right train timings is important to choose the correct train. The login page of IRCTC doesn't list the times of train. They are shown when you do online railway reservation using a journey planner and find trains between the station. The timings for listed trains are shown to the user as a part of train detail.

Then the question arises - Is there any way to look up the train timings without having to use the Journey Planner.

This is important since we know it can be difficult to access the journey planner when there is huge rush.

When so many people are queuing up to book their tickets online, the IRCTC website tends to go slow and once cannot login to the system. If that happens, what are the options a user of railway has to find the train timings.

There are two options:

Option 1: Go to train schedule page to get the tra…

IRCTC PNR Status with passenger name

Indian Railways user are querying about: how to get IRCTC PNR status with passenger name.

Those who have a railway ticket may check PNR status  by going to train enquiry and select PNR status enquiry to find the railway reservation status.

One thing you would have noticed is that when you check the railway status - the form in which you enter your PNR number, which has 10 digits, doesn't ask you to enter a passenger name even once. Hence there is a confusion about whether one can check the PNR status with name or not.

Upon checking your PNR status, you'll find that the railway enquiry website ( would return coach number and seat number, if your reservation is confirmed; or will list out the waiting list or RAC status in case reservation is not confirmed. But there is no passenger name displayed there in either case.

Once place where the PNR status and passenger name appear together is when you go to login to IRCTC next generation website for booking onli…

Keys to make your trip best ever

The key to making any trip memorable lies in the preparation you do before boarding out and what you do after you reach your favorite place. Without a proper planning you'll always waste your time more in arranging and organizing things, rather then enjoying the trip itself. This short guide is must for all travel buffs if they want to make most out of their planned trip.

Short Guide to Make Trip Best Ever Travelling is a great experience. It's mysterious in a way. You don't know what to expect. And this mystery creates wonder, but you should be awake enough to enjoy it. Most times people finish their tour and comeback home as if nothing new has happened. They would remember more how they caught up in the traffic, or in quarrel with someone - while bargaining for hotel room or booking taxi for a local sightseeing, rather than about the place, it's culture and traditions, it's tasty food, or history.

Here we list some of the most important keys to make your trip be…

Where to get Rs 5000 Cashback on booking hotel and flights

If you are planning an outing to relax, rejoice, and rejuvenate yourselves - don't ignore exciting offer from under which you'll get instant cashback on booking of flight and hotels together. This is in addition to discount that travelers normally get on bookings done through Cleartrip site.

This travel offer is valid for bookings made upto 15 April 2015 for travel upto 31 July 2015.

In order to get Cashback of Rs. 5000/- you'll need to make use of a coupon code 'CTPKGS'. Enter this code when you checkout after completing booking of your leisure travel. The cash-back amount will automatically get deducted from final payment.

Rs. 5000/- will be cashed back only if 4 or more passengers are travelling.  For 2 to 3 passengers traveling together, the cash-back amount is fixed as Rs. 3000/- only.

In addition to the limitations on number of passengers, the package also demands that travelers book hotels and flights to certain destinations only.

For Goa, Jai…

Train number secret no one knows

Have you ever looked at a train number printed on your railway ticket carefully?

If  your answer is -Yes! Then next question is what you know about it, apart from the fact that it consist of 5 digits? and that you can use it for doing railway enquiry, like to check PNR status or seat availability.

Train Number Secrets Revealed The 5 digits are not there just to make a number. Each digit in a train number has a special meaning knowing the secret of which you can get complete information about the train.

First Digit in Train Number
First digit could be anything between (0-9).

'0' - means it is a special train (summer special, holiday special or other special train like festival special train which railway runs from time to time to clear the extra rush of passengers).

'1' and '2' - If first digit is any one of 1 or 2, it represents that train is a long distance train. It could be of type Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Jan Sadharan,Sampark Kranti, Garib Rath, or Duronto Expre…

Subscribe to get Yureka at Best Price in India

Yureka is a special smartphone, and the only phone you should look to buy even if you already have a phone at home. Yureka's debut sale was held on Jan 15, 2015 with 10000 units, and, all sold out in just 3 seconds, making it one of the most popular and demanded smartphones among current generation.

Yureka Phone Price in India
Best price for Micromax Yureka is INR 8999 in India, is offered by India. Apart from eBay - who is offering it for Rs. 10,500, new Yureka mobile is not available on any other online shopping site in India. In fact, as of now, Amazon is the only one who is selling this mobile under ten thousand rupees.

Subscribe and Buy Eureka offer Since there is a huge demand, this phone is only available for sale only when units are ready. You might get it from some other place, but you won't get it at the best price which we have mentioned already.

To get Yureka (YU) at Best Price in India - Subscribe to Buy. 
Subscribe now. Why? Because it might run out of…

Samsung galaxy S6 deal India

There are two Samsung Galaxy S6 phones - Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Both are already launched on April 10, 2015 in India and are being purchased crazily by people who want to buy new smartphones.  Some people are looking to find if any deal of the day in India is available on these Galaxy S6 phones. Others are looking for discount coupons.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in India
Total price of Samsung Galaxy S6 in India:INR 49,900/- Total price of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in India:INR 58,900/-

Deals on Samsung Galaxy S6 phones Take advantage of this offer:
See offer on Samsung Galaxy S6 Click Here.

See offers on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Click Here.

If you haven't purchased any item from Amazon India before, it is recommended that you read guide on buying products from amazon india on discount.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs S6 Edge While Samsung S6 phone is a dynamic beauty combined with power, Samsung S6 edge has beautiful curves of glass and metal.
The features …

How to Buy on Amazon India with discount easily

You will learn here how to search and purchase a product at discounted price at Amazon India, and finally how to make payment for purchased items when they are delivered at your home (doorstep) in a step by step manner practically (with pictures and screenshots).

Amazon is a popular online shopping marketplace. Earlier it was difficult to buy at from India because of shipping problems. Now with - an online shopping site for Indian consumers, it easy to buy any product from India. Still many people don't know how to buy products online.

Shopping on Amazon India Are you ready? We are going to buy a product here. It's easy. Just follow along, you'll learn practically how to buy a product online from start to finish, and that too at discount (wherever possible).

Step-1.Imagine product you want to buy: Think about what product you want to buy. If possible write it on a paper.
Step-2. Go to Now click on Shop at to go to Amazon India shop…

Amazon India Create Login Account

Create Account at Amazon India Although one can buy products before creating an account, it is always good to create account first so that you can add your favorite items to the shopping cart. 
Creating new account on Amazon in India is easy - Create Account on Amazon here. (Sign up page will open in new window).

Enter your email address, select "I am a new customer" and Click on "Sign in using our secure server".

You will be asked to provide your name, email address, and password. Provide all of these and click on "Create account" on amazon's registration page.
That's it ! You have been successfully registered on Amazon India. Now login and continue to shop.

Facebook Account Login Registration

How to create Facebook account? Anyone new looking to sign up on Facebook can use the information on this page to make Facebook profile. Step by step instructions along with pictures and screenshots to create account on Facebook to login and connect with friends.

Facebook is an online social networking service and you can easily follow latest updates about IRCTC and railway on our Facebook page - this, and also share the latest information with your friends and other people in your network. We update our facebook page often to alert users about new trains and any change in fare or railway reservation rules. People also post their queries and we can easily answer them. Clearly  if you are not yet using Facebook, you are missing big time on latest information, related to not only railway, tourism, travel, but just about anything else. But to use it you should have account first. After creating account you can use your username and password to login and do plenty of things (which we will…