Mar 4, 2015

IRCTC Availability

The IRCTC availability, often misspelled as "irtc availability" deals with train enquiry of indianrail ways. Ever since the national train enquiry system is launched, the number of users queuing up to do various types of railway enquiries have increased dramatically.

According to a recent study the max train enquiry requests send on national train enquiry is for IRCTC PNR status checking, followed by RAC train enquiry. To check irctc pnr status, irctc  seat availability, the website is mostly used, even though there are excellent alternative solutions available for doing all sorts of railway enquiries. Some of the best information on alternate rail enquiry is  available at check irctc pnr status without captcha code.

check irctc availability of trains

The indianrail gov website is not used for online railway reservation. Instead for irctc railway reservation irctc online passenger reservation website is used. Irtc login page provides online ticketing service information to the registered users. It can be used for reservation, cancellation, and to download guides and mobile apps of irctc.

Over the years there was a demand for much needed online system for providing information on trains easily and quickly. The demand has been met now. But as with every good thing, some undesirable things happen too, For example, the terms such as 'irtc-hqtributestone' and 'zikr-e-illahi irtc' have got associated with the term 'irctc availability'. This is really interesting and we want to elaborate on it a bit more.

The reason why irtc-hqtributestone, which may mean high quality blue stone, has got related to railway availability is perhaps because of mention of some of the precious stones in Indian Railway annual report 2010-11, apart from presence of 'irtc' in the beginning. You can download it here. It states that in railways revenue limestone, dolomite, stones other than marble, salt and sugar contributed 87.8% of the total goods earnings. There are other mentions about stone too in the report. In 2010-11, many foundations of railway establishments were laid too. On 9th September 2010 - Foundation stone laid for Nursing College at Garden Reach. On 13th September Foundation stone laid for Rail Axle Factory at New Jalpaiguri. On 4th February Foundation stone laid for DMU Coach Factory at Haldia and Wagon Component Factory at Jellingham near Nandigram.

Now we come to second term - 'zikr-e-illahi irtc'. Again there is 'irtc' but when we searched on Google there were mentions of both "IRCTC" and "zikr-e-illahi" together in many results. For example on it was written "To check out the popularity of the draw, one could compare this number with IRCTC site visitors during the two-hour Tatkal window during peak festive season- that figure is 12 Lakh" And on the same website there are quite a few videos by Adv. Faiz Syed who is apparently Founder & President, Islamic Research Centre, Aurangabad. The interesting part is title of those videos. It is in these title you will find the term 'zikr-e-illahi'. Now you can see why it has got related to term 'irctc availability'.

That was interesting information - Wasn't it!

But we all know what we want when we talk about availability in railway domain. It means availability of train seats, train ticket, tickets reservation, and irctc availability and fare enquiry.