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How to use IRCTC UBI Prepaid Card for Fast Ticket Booking

IRCTC-UBI prepaid card is a co branded card launched by Union Bank of India (UBI) in collaboration with IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism) corporation that can be used on IRCTC website to purchase products/ services available at IRCTC website like railway/ air ticket reservation, season tickets, Holiday Packages etc.

This card is powered by RuPay and it enables customers to carry out robust fast train ticket booking. It works a bit like how eWallet works for fast Tatkal booking  or new IRCTC cash on delivery payment works by saving the time elapsed in online transaction processing in case of credit and debit cards usage. RuPay is an Indian domestic card scheme conceived and launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

The prepaid card comes in two variants - physical and virtual. Both physical and virtual cards are available for purchase on Union Bank/ IRCTC website/ Union Bank branches. This prepaid card can be purchased by any person having a valid PAN ca…

Railway Enquiry in India for Train Passengers

The railway enquiry means asking for information about, mainly - Trains Between Stations, Train Berth Availability, PNR Status, Seat Availability, and Train Schedule. There together form some of the most important information about railway which train passengers are seeking.
It is so important that railway has come up with NTES (more on national train enquiry system here .)

Railway Enquiry TypesRailway Enquiry Phone Number Toll free telephone number: 139 (one can either call or send SMS) to get the relevant railway information.

For all the train enquiries mentioned above and explained below, go to railway enquiry website).

Trains Between Stations: This inquiry is done by the user to find out which trains run between pair of two stations. If you are planning to go from any station to any station, then you'll do this enquiry to find the available trains. Click here for more information.

Train Berth Availability: This inquiry shows how many berths are …

Latest Railway Jobs Information

We are providing latest information about railway jobs. This information is relevant for 12th pass, graduates, postgraduates, diploma and degree holders who are looking to get employed by Indian Railway.

Employment in Railway Indian Railways is organization with one of the largest employee base in India. It is the world's seventh largest commercial or utility employer, by number of employees, with over 1.307 million employees as of last published figures in 2013. Every year thousands of passed out candidates wait for new railway job notifications so that they can apply for the vacancy.

Why Railway Job is Most Wanted There is huge craze among the young people to make a career in Indian Railway and its associate organizations and companies. The reasons behind such attraction towards working in railway are multiple. Some of most important ones are listed below. Indian Railway is a state owned organization. Employees come under central govt. which means job is permanent and safe.Railw…

Why Railway Charges Shakti Kapoor Half Ticket

Indian Railway charges 50 percent of base fare for children traveling by train who fall in age between 6-12 years. There is no charge for kids below 5 years of age. But strangely, Shakti Kapoor - a Bollywood (Hindi Film industry) actor, who was born on September 3, 1958, and hence is comfortably over 50 years of age now, still pays for half ticket, and not for full ticket charges applicable to all adult passengers.

We researched a bit tried to find out if any special concession is given to bollywood actors. The result of our research was - No, there is no provision for any special concession for those working in Indian Cinema.

Then why Shakti Kapoor is getting so much travel concession? All other actors are paying full amount.
Is it because he won the Filmfare award for the best performance in a comic role? Or, Is railway in India afraid of him? We thought there might be some fear among railway employees since he has been one of the leading villains in Bollywood movies for more than …

Shiva Jyotirlinga Darshan by Train in India

Have you Ever wanted to visit the holy Jyotirling Shrines in India of Lord Shiva? If yes, then here is a great opportunity to visit some of the traditional Jyotirlinga (holy symbol of shiva) shrines by train.

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has come up with couple of tour packages that can be booked online by devotees of lord Shiva to see the radiant sign of the almighty and get blessed.
Jyotirlinga Darshan Tour Packages
05 JYOTIRLINGA DARSHAN EX CHANDIGARH VIA JAIPUR In this package 5 places/ shrines of Shiva are covered. These are - Ujjain (Mahakaleshwar) Dwarka (Nagesh), Veraval (Somnath)Aurangabad (Grishneshwar) Nasik Road (Trimbakeshwar) Tour starts from chandigarh station early morning. Travelers can board from other stations on the route. Following are boarding/ de-boarding points - Ambala , Kurukshetra Jn, Karnal , Panipat , Delhi Cantt , Rewari , Alwar , Jaipur Jn railway stations.
The tour will last for 9 nights and 10 days. Travelers will be prov…

Under Priced Golden Temple Train Tour Package by IRCTC

Golden Temple, also known as  Sri Harmindar Sahib Ji  and Sri Akal Takht Sahib Ji,is one of the five Takhts (Panj Takht) -- the five gurudwaras (places of worship) that are of great significance for Sikhs. To make it convenient for Sikh Pilgrims, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has come up with rail tour package where passengers will be carried by the train to Amritsar and nearby places of tourist interest, like Wagah Border and Jallianwala Bagh, as a bonus.

Wagah border is international border between India and Pakistan. The major attraction here for tourists is the daily flag lowering ceremony which held between India's Border Security Force (BSF) and Pakistan Rangers. The Indian Railway has train services too at nearby Wagah Village.

Jallianwala bagh is a public garden in Amritsar, and is a memorial of national importance which reminds everyone of massacre conducted by British occupying forces on several women and children when they were busy in pea…

Do IRCTC Flight Booking worth Your time and Money

We all know that IRCTC provides online facility for booking domestic airline tickets at and ever since they have renamed their reservation system to IRCTC next generation e-ticket booking system, all expects a  world class online flight booking services which provide ease of use and flight tickets at cheap price. So, do IRCTC flight booking site worth your time and money? Let's see.

Actually when the flight tickets were first offered by IRCTC, Sharell Cook, India travel expert did a review where she put the new airline booking facility to test. She found out that on basis of both price it offers and ease of use, the new airline booking site came second when compared to other travel agency websites. It was found that not only sites like, and were providing tickets at cheaper price for same flight but also were better in terms of services to the user. Other sites allowed international debit and credit cards for payment while IR…

Local Train Arrival Information on Railway Helpline 139

Raipur: Now the information about local trains running late, their arrival and departure time will be made available on railway helpline number 139. Thus far online railway timetable information was available for long distance trains only.

The Railway Board, Ministry of Railways, has directed the CRIS - Centre for Railway Information Systems, to make necessary changes to the railway enquiry system for making available local train information on 139 to the users. Railway tickets can already be booked using 139 number. (see - railway ticket booking by sms on 139).

It will take few months to update the system, after which users can use the railway inquiry number for information.

Feeding Info of Zonal Railway trains: All railway zones have been asked by railway board to provide information about the trains which run under the supervision of divisions that fall under them. Once the information is collected it will be required to feed into the railway database so that it can be retrieved and…

Railway limits booking of online tickets to 1 per user session

In order to give everyone a fair chance of booking railway ticket online, Indian Railways board has taken a decision to limit the maximum number of tickets that can be booked online between 0800 hrs and 1200 hrs. Now only 1 ticket can be booked per user session during this period.

If people try to access the reservation system through multiple login's, then they will be automatically logged out from the site and their session will be terminated. Some users might find that even outside this time period they are being logged out of the IRCTC. The solution to this problem is given here.

The restriction on number of tickets booked online will be applicable to agents too. However, it will exclude bookings made for Defence Forces under a prior warrant to do so.

Many agents and travel agencies are known book tickets in advance which leaves very few tickets available to general public for booking. This is particularly a problem during peak season. Summer holidays and festival period also…

IRCTC Automatic Logout problem solution

Are you getting logged out automatically from IRCTC website? If yes, the the solution given below will help you to keep logged in and continue the ticket booking process.

Update: The solution works only if you are booking tickets after 12 pm and before 8 am. To discourage online multiple ticket purchase by touts, the Indian Railways has decided to restrict its e-ticketing service for booking only one ticket per user login session between 0800 and 1200 hours.

"The ministry of railways has decided that in case of e—ticketing, there will be a restriction of only one booking in one user login session," the railways said in a statement. Multiple IRCTC logins are not allowed The site, ever since it has been upgraded/ changed to next generation site, is infected by a strange problem where a user session gets terminated automatically and a user is left frustrated as he needs to login or singn in again in order to complete the ticket booking, which is what irctc site is…

Train between stations Enquiry

Which trains run between pair of stations can be get easily through the railway enquiry page. Simply one needs to enter names of source and destination stations, and date on which one wishes to find the trains. Query can be done for any two stations, need not be important stations. This is how it looks.
This query shows all train schedules in the system between any pair of stations. The details show all the stations in the train schedule, including indicators for zonal, divisional and sectional interchange. You can also further filter the trains returned by parameters such as quota (tatkal, ladies, premium, yuva, handicapped, lower berth etc.). Selecting each train in list will show its schedule in detail.
You might see signs/ symbols like #, *, +, $ in appended to trains. These have special meaning described below - # indicates a temporary train. It means that this train is available for a specific period only.* indicates that this i…

Handy Snacks to Carry in Train

While it's easy to order food in train these days while traveling, some mouth watering snacks are handy to have to get rid off hunger quickly, especially when the time is not right for main course.

Here are some yummy snacks in train ideas

Potato Chips: These are easy to carry and tasty slices of, sometimes fried and sometimes non fried, potatoes. They come in different flavors and are equally liked among children and adults. While those suffering from diabetes should avoid them, they are rich in carbohydrates which provide instant energy.

Bhujia: One of the crispiest snack's made from spiced up besan (gram flour). Spices include moth dal, salt, red chilli, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, groundnut oil, etc. We recommend you buy "Bikaneri Bhujia," only. Bikaneri bhujia is original and it is the place where this snack is prepared best. You can either eat it individually or you can even fill it in burgers, take it with chapati's.

Samosa: These are triangular in shape…

Prettiest Train Route in World Glasgow to Mallaig

In Scotland a train route was constructed from Glasgow to Mallaig (Highlands), and it is perhaps the world's most beautiful, the prettiest, train route's. This route of West Highland Railway is a pride of British Railways, no wonder they call it "A line for all seasons".

The whole railway route is so beautiful that it has been featured in movie "Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets". The most beautiful scene comes across the eyes of passengers when the train cross over Glenfinnan Viaduct. A viaduct is a long bridge-like structure, typically a series of arches, carrying a road or railway across a valley or other low ground.

Glenfinnan Viaduct is built from mass concrete, and has 21 semicircular spans of 50 feet (15 m). It is the longest concrete railway bridge in Scotland at 416 yards (380 m), and crosses the River Finnan at a height of 100 feet (30 m). 
The west highland railway line was opened publicly on August 7, 1894 when the first train reached Fort Wi…

How to reach Gaurav Tower Jaipur by Train

If you don't know about "Gaurav Tower", it is one of the hot spots of pink city Jaipur, capital city of Rajasthan. Many people, of all ages, convene here to have a good time. The reason being the availability of  large number of shopping complexes, food plazas, and other interesting places nearby.

Many teenagers happily spend time dining and playing games in Gaurav tower. The nearby crystal mall, world trade park, Jawahar Circle (amusement park with light and sound fountain show), Jaipur Dairy (which has open restaurant where the dish called Paneer Pakora is famous), are popular destination for movie watchers, gamers, and foodies. Cancer hospital and Jaipur Stock exchange are at walking distance too.

Normally people hire a taxi or use a city bus to reach to Gaurav tower. Today we will show you how to get to this place by train. It might surprise many people since there is no station  of Indian Railway at the spot. And if you are thinking that we will suggest you to get …

Why Convert All Passenger Trains to Metro Trains

It's about time that that we hear inside a normal passenger train - "Doors will open on the left, please mind the gap". Indian Railway seriously need to learn from DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) and other metro services in India like, Mumbai metro and Kolkata Metro. For such a proud railway organization, the rolling stock of Indian Railway is too outdated.

Passenger to Metro Train Conversion Need There are plenty of reasons as to why Indian railway should look to convert all its passenger trains to metro trains.

Why Metro Train
Travelling in a metro train an experience to tell. Traveling by metro feels like one is moving around the city on a  palace on wheels, like a Maharaja. Metro rail services are neat and clean and people are well disciplined. They are happy to giveaway their seats to ladies and senior citizens without fight. Children and women feel safe while traveling by metro.

Not only trains but metro stations too are well maintained. There are proper secur…

Student Monthly Season Ticket Southern Railway

Southern Railways Free Monthly Seasonal Ticket for Students Students commuting from home to college can save money spend in transportation by availing free Monthly Season Ticket (MST) bought by southern railways, one of Indian Railways zones. Monthly ticket is valid for a period of 1 month from the date of purchase. It needs to be renewed periodically.

Student season tickets are issued for the maximum distance of 150 km and are charged at half of normal season ticket issued to adult passengers. But southern railway is giving away it for free. These tickets are valid only if accompanied by valid identity card, and must bear the signature or thumb impression of the holder. No alteration is permissible in season tickets and they are non transferable entities. More details can be found on railway enquiry site on season tickets.

Girls students enrolled in 3 year gradutaion courses such as B.A., B.Com., B.Sc.; professional and vocational courses euivalent to B.Ed., LLB., B.E., …

NGET IRCTC.CO.IN eTicketing System

Nget allows you to do online train ticket booking easily. NGET stands for next generation eticket booking. To book your tickets online go to irctc login (next generation live railway booking) page.

To initiate the railway ticket booking process, new users can Signup on NGET IRCTC here to create new account on Remember that registration of new individuals is not allowed between 7 A.M to 11 A.M.

Visit the login page and enter username and password there to start booking railway tickets.

Before Ticket Booking -
Find train between stations.Check irctc seat availability here.Get train fare here.Tickets can be booked 120 days in advance. See all railway reservation rules here.See tatkal booking timings here.

After Ticket Booking -

Check IRCTC PNR Status here or do PNR status Enquiry here.In case you need any help contact irctc here.For ticket cancellation and refund read procedure for cancellation of E-tickets.
NGET IRCTC.CO.IN - New Online Ticket Booking The Indian Ra…

Gift A Toy Train to Your Kid this Birthday

It's birthday time again, and your kid is waiting for a his gift, more than your hug. Be clear about it. Among many gift ideas, we are recommending gifting a toy train this time. Reasons will be clear when you read this article.

Actually we have done a bit of research on this. We have found that not only boy child but little girls too really like a view and sound of moving toy train running on tracks, inside their play rooms. They get completely in love with it (hence won't disturb you 😃).

This one is favorite of kids-

If you live in India, and traveled a bit, there is every chance that you might have had a ride on one of the real toy trains of India. May be at your honeymoon. And if you did take a ride on one of those trains, it is no argument that you still can feel the joy and happiness it bought to you and your spouse.

That's how effective toy trains can be.

A toy train is actually a dynamic gift. It is not a boring static toy which your kid throws around. Toy train …

How to Create IRCTC User ID by SMS 139

Usually users do irctc registration through a page on site. But there is even more simple way to create IRCTC User ID. You can send a  SMS on 139 number and get yourself registered in no time.

You'll need to send two SMS messages.

For non-mobile application users, send first SMS to 139 in the following format:
REG [First Name] [Last Name] [Date of Birth DDMMYY] Ex. REG Sandeep Kumar 110284

The following SMS will be received in response to above sent message from 139- "
Thank you for registration request. Your registered Username is sc200286. To activate this send REGCODE [tpin] to 139".

Now, send second SMS to 139 for registration, using the 4 digit TPIN received from 139 like REGCODE [tpin] Ex. REGCODE 4758

Following Response SMS received from 139, as
"You have been successfully registered with IRCTC. Your user id is js130783 and password is 7633. You can use this id for ticket booking and login to Thank you for using SMS 139 services.&…

Railway ticket booking by SMS on 139

You can do railway ticket booking simply by sending two SMSes to 139 number. You need to use mobile banking services. There is no need of computers, internet, web. Only mobile handset is sufficient. However, you can book max 10 tickets in a month and can't spend more than Rs. 5000 per day on ticket booking by SMS. Tatkal ticket booking is not allowed using this service, nor you can avail any concession/ discounts applicable to several railway quotas.

Bharat BPO services has provided this facility to railway users. To start with, you need to register on and avail mobile banking services upon irctc registration. Make sure that mobile number registered with IRCTC account matches your bank account.

Before knowing exactly how to book the tickets on SMS 139, you should be aware of these terms or codes - IMPS, MMID, & OTP.

All these are transaction protocols set up by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), headquartered at Mumbai. These codes (provided by ban…

Deal of the day for India snapdeals consumers

After success of  weekly deal on online shopping in India, we now present amazing deal of the day for Indian consumers. This is especially useful for snapdeals consumers who are citizens of India and who don't know that discount coupons and deals are also available elsewhere in India than the snapdeals. Using snapdeals and other deals one can save money while shopping online for products either using a mobile phone or computers.

Have a look at - Amazing Deal of the Day(India only) now. You can see that you are getting some amazing products - books, apparel, electronics, mobile phones, laptops and computers, at virtually no price at all. This is the advantage of using day deals and coupons. You get some bestselling products or bestsellers, at a very less price.

If you haven't purchased any product online in your life, you should read practical guide on how to do online shopping at Amazon India with discount.

You will need to create an account on amazon if you don't have ha…

IRCTC Availability

The IRCTC availability, often misspelled as "irtc availability" deals with train enquiry of indian-railways. Ever since the national train enquiry system is launched, the number of users queuing up to do various types of railway enquiries have increased dramatically.

According to a recent study the max train enquiry requests send on national train enquiry is for IRCTC PNR status checking, followed by RAC train enquiry. To check irctc pnr status, irctc seat availability, the website is mostly used, even though there are excellent alternative solutions available for doing all sorts of railway enquiries. Some of the best information on alternate rail enquiry is  available at check irctc pnr status without captcha code.

The indianrail gov website is not used for online railway reservation. Instead for irctc railway reservation irctc online passenger reservation website is used. Irtc login page provides online ticketing service information to th…