Feb 8, 2015

Login to Online Ticket Booking Pages - IRCTC

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is the leading online ticket booking service provider in India that provides many different login pages to users for booking online tickets of train, domestic airlines, luxury tourist trains, historical monuments, and  special login pages for travel agents using which they can buy tickets online. It is fast and easy to use IRCTC login pages. One just need to enter login details and proceed to do online ticket booking.

irctc login for flight booking

Different IRCTC Login Pages

1) IRCTC Flight Booking Login: The login page for flight ticket booking is '' and is used for booking domestic flights online. In last few years number of travelers choosing flight as their transportation medium has grown significantly. There is a huge rush to get air tickets everyday. By providing services to do domestic flight booking online by using computer, mobile, internet and apps. IRCTC has indeed has done a great job in making it easy for air travelers to book their tickets.

2) IRCTC Train Booking Login: Indian railway is perhaps the most popular mode of transportation among Indian travelers. There are many reasons for this. Railway has presence in most states (if not all of them) of India. There are thousands of passenger trains running everyday carrying lacks of people to their destinations. Railway tickets are cheaper as compared to airline tickets and seats are available most time (except for peak season). Due to huge popularity there is obviously a great competition when it comes to who buys the railway ticket first. Earlier it was a pain to do railway booking since one had to do it manually. It required almost entire day to go through the ticket booking process. There used to be huge queues at railway reservation counters and the railways passenger reservation system tend to work slowly. IRCTC has come up with railway e Ticketing page. Users can do IRCTC login here and book their railway tickets online. Now the railway reservation page is upgraded to  next generation irctc login page. which makes it easy for user to do booking of railway tickets faster.

3) IRCTC Agents Login: Agents help in ticket booking to customers. People not used to booking tickets online or those who don't have time usually contact travel agents to book tickets for them. IRCTC has recognized this and hence created a login page for its authorized travel agents who can login for booking tickets of their customers. If you are a travel agent go to IRCTC agent login.

4. IRCTC hotel booking login: Hotel accommodation is a basic require for a traveler. Even before one starts his trip he wants to make sure that rooms are booked at various places he is going to visit during the trip. Just like there is a huge demand for vacant seats in trains and flights, the demand for empty hotel rooms is enormous among the travelers. IRCTC has tied up with many hotel groups, small and big, present in various towns and cities across India to provide affordable accommodation for its customers. From time to time there IRCTC also come up with great offers and deals on hotel room booking that can be seen at IRCTC hotel booking login page.

5) IRCTC Heritage Monument Booking Login Page:This login page is used for booking tickets of heritage monuments of India Online. For example, one can buy a ticket to see monuments maintained by archaeological survey of india. Among the monument tickets the tourists these days buy the Taj Mahal eTicket most on IRCTC website. This is a great service for tourists as it saves time and save them from being fooled by local guides who charge the tourists many times more than what the actual monument charges are. There are many more monuments listed on '' page. Not only tickets can be booked but some great information about the monuments, their history, story, and architecture, is also available.

6) IRCTC Luxury Tourist Train Booking login: Luxury trains allows tourists to explore India by train with royal experience. Some of the best seller trains are Maharaja Express, Buddhist Circuit train, Steam Express, Bharat Darshan, DHR Joy ride, and Pilgrim Special tourist train. To know more about these trains and booking go to IRCTC tourist train login page.

7) IRCTC Taxi/ Cabs Booking Login page: What is the first thing you do when you get out of airport or a railway station? You look for a taxi or a bus to reach home. These days there are many taxi and cab operators in India which provide radio taxi services. One can call and book a cab by making a phone call. But IRCTC has taken taxi booking to next level. It allows you to do car booking along with booking online train and airline tickets. This means you don't have to delay your decision to book cabs. If you are sure about the itinerary of your trip you can do advance taxi booking to your destination by using IRCTC cab booking login page now.

8) IRCTC Employee Login: There are thousands of employee who work in IRCTC who serve the people through its catering, booking, and other services. Every employee is given a username and password through which they can login to their online accounts to check their mail, messages, and access other organizational documents. If you are also an employee you go to IRCTC employee login now.

Using above 8 different types of IRCTC Login pages you can do booking of any type of travel ticket online.