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Railway Budget 2015-16 Major Announcements

Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu has announced the railway budget for the financial year 2015-16. The key announcements are mentioned below for the benefit of users.

Railway Budget HighlightsNo increase in train fare: Passenger fare is not increased, as expected. However, one expected a slight decrease especially after recent low in fuel prices.Advance Reservation Period (ARP) increased: Railway reservation can now be done 120 days in advance as opposed to 60 days at present.Unreserved Tickets in 5 mins: Now Railway will issue train tickets even for general class inside five minutes. Under "operation 5 minutes" unreserved tickets can be purchased by smartphones, and by automatic ticket vending machines through smart cards.Focus on cleanliness in train: To improve the of life in journeys for travelers, railway will focus on cleanliness in coaches. Now a disposable bedding will be provided, and regular cleaning operation will be conducted inside the trains during journeys. Bio…

Railtel Boradband - Fastest Broadband Connection By Indian Railway PSU

Now you can take advantage of fastest broadband in India for your internet connection provided by Indian Railways public sector undertaking company RailTel ( Speeds up to 10 GB/sec is delivered to the subscriber. For its excellent broadband connectivity service, RailTel has bagged many awards including "Best Carrier of the carrier award 2014".

It is the same internet network which Indian Railways utilizes to share information about trains, availability, schedule etc. among its stations and departments quickly. So there is no reason to doubt about the quality of service it provides. One can confidently avail services like leased line internet, virtual private network, voice carriage, and data center services. RailTel is the only neutral player in the country to roll out the “State of the Art” NGN (Next Generation Switching Network) based Class 4 switch for carrying NLD traffic across the country. NGN converges the traditional voice data & video on t…

Order Pizza - Get pizza delivered at your train seat

Travelling in train and feeling hungry? Worse the next station is far away and no guarantee if pizza hut counter is present at platform or not. Huge problem! To solve the problem, IRCTC (Indian railway catering) has tied up with Jubilant Food Works Ltd, the parent company of Domino’s Pizza, to make tasty hot pizza's delivered at the seat of passenger in train.

To make the order follow the procedure explained in easiest way to get meal at your train seat to avail the e-catering services.

Pizza ordering facility will be available only in those trains which are running without pantry car. Since this is done on trial basis, initially the pizzas will be made available only at 12 stations which include Agra, Alwar, Ambala, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Mathura, Muzzafarnagar, New Delhi, Pathankot, Vapi, Bharuch and Vadodara. If successful railway has plans to offer pizza on many more routes.

For those travelers whose trains won't be passing through above mentioned stations, obviously, would b…

Tricks for booking train tickets faster on IRCTC

Everyone wants to save time! Isn't it? Time is money. But booking tickets on internet on IRCTC always waste time. It takes much longer than normal in order to complete the ticket booking. Since time is money, in a way we are wasting our money. But then why so many people are still clinging on to '' site for their train booking. They must be using some tricks.

Fast Train Ticket Booking Tricks Power You Browser with AD Blocker: Much of the time is wasted because the railway ticketing website doesn't load in the browser. This happens not only due to load on the server, but also due to heavy components on the homepage. Ads are some of those heavy components which prevent website to load quickly. There are nice ad blocker available as add-on's and extensions that cab be installed so that the browser automatically block any ads from loading, hence rendering the site faster.
Keep Passenger Details Ready: Many people are just crazy. They will wait for hours for …

Bhartiya Rail - Indian Railways

Indian Railways (IR / भा. रे.), भारतीय रेल  website: is used for passenger services like pnr status, train arrival/ departure, e-ticketing, seat availability, train between stations, and train timetable. It is crafted by ministry of railways.

Unreserved mobile ticketing service too is now available on its subdomain:

The official website updates users about zonal railways and about parcel services, freight services, and what railway is doing in fields of education, research, heritage, and recruitment.

Honorable minister of railways, Mr. Suresh Prabhu has set up high level railway restructuring committee for mobilisation of resources for major railway projects. This committee will formulate many policies and appropriate frameworks to raise railway resources to meet the demands of the future. Whatever they do can be tracked on IndianRailway.Gov.In the users. Summary of Railway Budget is also featured with key announcements like…

eRail - Railway Information

There are millions of people seeking railway information in India and around the world. It is clear from humongous traffic that Indian Railway enquiry website '' receives per day. Every moment people are searching for information on reserved, unreserved, and suburban trains. People are even querying for fog affected trains.

Given the popularity of railways, many desktop software and mobile applications have been developed in order to easily make rail info accessible to users. There are different applications for checking pnr status, finding train route and schedule, to get the fare for travelling by train between two stations, to show live status of current running train, and other information about railway.

Major problem which railway software developers face today is that there is no common database of railway information which can be used to develop a railway application (desktop application or web application) that can retrieve all information queried by …

Reset Forgot Password of IRCTC

Have you forgotten your password of '' site? If yes, then you can reset it online using the method explained below.

Method to Retrieve IRCTC forgot passwordPlease note that one can only reset the password to new password. Old IRCTC password cannot be retrieved.

First thing you need to do is to go to homepage of IRCTC. Now locate the login box.  Login box is where you usually provide username and password to sign in to the site. Beneath this box you will see the 'Forgot Password?' option, as shown in picture below (see the green circle).

Use that option to reach the forgot password page. There the password retrieval system will ask you to enter user id. Enter your username as shown below, and click on proceed button.

Now you should be on a page that will ask you to answer the security question. You must know the answer as you entered it while doing registration on irctc. Provide the correct answer.

Once you submit the form you will be shown a message indicati…

Is this the world's most decorated double decker train

Moscow: The first double decker train in India was introduced in year 2011 which traveled between Dhanbad and Howrah railway stations. After that many double storey trains have been started. Somehow they have failed to attract the railway users.

Picture below shows a typical double deck train in India.

The train above looks beautiful and a bit of luxury is expected inside. But this is not the case. The seats are congested, the galleries too compact, and seats are unbelievably uncomfortable. On top of it these trains are end to end train, without any stoppages, and this makes the journey even more uncomfortable.

Now if you are thinking that this problem exist in India only, then you are wrong. Most double decker trains of world have the same problem.

But there is one double decker train which is an exception to this. Recently a new train is started between Moscow and Saint Petersberg, which has marvelous interior design. Have look at the picture below.

You can already sense the differ…

Urgent Helpline 182 For Railway Passengers

New Delhi: Indian Railways has decided to start a new helpline number '182' for passengers to provide urgent help in case they face any danger. Railway official has said that the new number will be printed on each and every railway ticket issued by the PRS (Passenger Reservation System). Apart from it, few other important instructions will also be printed on the ticket.

Ministry of Railways has already issued a circular to chief commercial managers of railway. According to the circular the managers are told to increase the dimensions of the present rail ticket. The printed area will be increased from current 15.6 cm by 9.6 cm to accommodate more information. Also more lines will be added to the back of a ticket. At present there are only 5 general instruction printed at the back of railway ticket.

Railway Board has taken many steps in recent days to make journey by train more secure and comfortable. Only yesterday there was a news where it is possible for travelers to  regist…

Train Seat no. 63 in S1 Coach Now Reserved for GRP

Gorakhpur: The seat no 63 in coach S1 won't be able for railway reservation! Surprised?

Indian Railway is on the mission to deliver high class security to passengers. After deciding to deploy armed personnel in plan clothes in trains the GRP (Government Railway Police) has taken a welcome step where the FIR can be lodged by any passenger inside the train. To register an FIR in the running train, a police personnel (escort) will be available on seat no. 63 of S1 coach in every train.

A complaint book is given to each GRP personnel. This book having 3 copies of complaint receipts, each of different colors, will be used to register a written complaint. The first copy of white color will need to be deposited at home station of escort personnel. The second copy of light pink color will be given to complainant, while the third copy of light green color will be deposited by the escort member on the next station where a train halts for sufficient time.

This procedure would allow registra…

Railpur Relief! Now trains won't waste people's time

Raipur: Hirapur railway under-bridge is destined to complete by March 31, 2015 and is expected to be available for public use within couple of weeks after completion. Once started, it will bring huge relief for about 50 thousand people who have to pass through railway crossing each day to go to their work. Train pass by every 7 minute on an average through this railway crossing forcing people to wait for quite a while.

The under-pass should have been completed much earlier. Sighting the troubles the locals face on daily basis, the foundation of Hirapur under bridge was laid down in 2008. It was planned to be constructed in 2 years. But due to negligence of government agencies and local administration, the work could not be completed until now. Much of the problem was related to land acquisition. Earlier it was planned that the construction will happen 20 m away from level crossing. Later the plan changed and 34 m was decided to be the ideal distance from level crossing on which const…

Latest IRCTC Refund Rules and Cancellation procedure of tickets

How to do cancellation of eTicket i.e. online ticket booked through irctc reservation and how much refund you get, and how much cancellation charges irctc levies, are all explained here.

For cancellation of your ticket, please log in to your account, select the PNR you wish to cancel and cancel your ticket online. Cancellation of your e-Ticket is possible only on the website, and is NOT possible on PRS Counters. Cancellation can be done till the time of chart preparation for the train which is normally 4 to 6 hours before the scheduled departure of the train from the train originating station.(For trains starting up to 12 in the afternoon the chart preparation is usually done on the previous night).

You can cancel any of the passenger names from the list of passengers on this ticket without affecting the ticket as a whole. To learn the step by step method of irctc reservation cancellation you can follow the E-Ticket cancel guide.

Basically you have to login to your on…

Driver Left Goods Train Standing on Platform

Harda: A goods train driver created a headache for railway staff when he decided to leave a goods train on platform no.1 at Harda station in Madhya Pradesh. Train was destined for Budhni in Sehore district.

So what has made driver leave the train in-between?

A train driver is supposed to work for 10 hours in a day. This goods train started from Khandwa station on time but obviously got delayed on its passage. The driver saw the watch and calculated that the 10 hours of duty are complete. He jumped off the train and informed the control room that his duty is over and he has parked the train at Harda,

The distance to be traveled was just 100 km. But due to unavailability of assistant driver and lack of loco pilots meant that train couldn't move. It caused delays to other passenger trains running on the route causing deep inconvenience to many passengers.

It is unknown if railway would take any action against the driver. The local staff doesn't even know whether it is permissibl…

IRCTC Reservation - Online reservation

The IRCTC reservation system provides an excellent way to do reservation in railway using online method. The eTicketing system available at site can be used to reserve seats and buy rail tickets online. Not only reservation, but cancellation of reserved tickets can also be done online.

First the user has to create a free account on ''. How to open account? Simply follow instruction on irctc registration for online ticket booking page. Any registered user then login to irctc to do reservation. Login is done when the user id and password entered by the user is authenticated by the system. Upon successful login, reservation can be done in any train of railway online.

IRCTC Reservation Important PointsWhile one can easily do reservation by following irctc online ticket booking in 3 simple steps, the most important points which one must not forget are -
Seat availability at the time of reservationChecking the reservation status. There is no point doing reserva…

IRCTC Log In Pnr Status Page

The "Irctc Log In Pnr Status" page completely defines the online reservation stages. While irctc login page concerns with booking prior to online reservation, the pnr status relates to reservation status after the reservation is complete.

Online railway booking starts with planning of journey. But in order to plan a journey one makes use of online railway reservation system. This is where irctc-log-in is done to enter the system with username and password. After planning the journey, the status of ticket is checked to know if the seat is confirmed or not,

Basically the complete reservation in train is sandwiched between the "log in" and "status check". In layman terms one would say while describing "how to do reservation," as - first log-in to railway reservation website, like and then check the status at railway website, like These two things are mandatory every time one plans to take a journey by train f…

Railway to deploy armed personnel in plain clothes inside trains

Ranchi: To make your train journey safe and secure, ministry of railways and home ministry has combined and come to a decision which will make armed personnel in train in plain clothes to take on the spot action against the criminals. The trial has already begun in trains passing through Jharkhand, Bihar, and West Bengal.

With new security arrangement the traveling passengers won't even know if the passenger traveling with them, sitting on a nearby seat, is a policemen or some other casual traveler. These policemen will be doing spying along with providing security.

To hide the identity of police personnel, the men will be rotated during the escort operation. Director General (DG) training of Bihar police has already given presentation on the matter in the recent meetings to discuss railway security. How different security forces would combine in coordination, communication, strategy, random escorting in trains, timely training, investigation and other points were discussed in gr…

Monk Turned Bullet Train Designer dies

Tokyo: The japan based bullet train designer Kenji Ekuan has died at age of 85 years. During his life he designed many things ranging from red colored lidded Kikkoman soy sauce bottleto a high speed bullet train. Interestingly he was a Buddhist Monk before taking to designing.

He became monk after his father died in Hiroshima atom bomb massacre. Before his bottle, there was no concept of packaging design in Japan, but his creation was instrumental in making it common.

In one of the interviews he said that the debris caused by attack always inspired him. It was as if he wanted the wreckage of everyday objects to have a new face. He decided to become a designer.

"Faced with that nothingness, I felt a great nostalgia for human culture," he said. "I needed something to touch, to look at. Right then, I decided to be a maker of things." Son of a Buddhist priest, Kenji Ekuan graduated from Tokyo's National University of Fine Arts and Music. Later in 1957, he laid fou…

Get concession in train ticket without waiting in queue for hours

Ambala Cantt: Now the ex military men and handicapped persons won't have to stand and wait in long lines for railway reservation. Railway is preparing to give concessions to such people in e-ticket online.

At start this facility will be introduced for sleeper class, and it will be available from February 25 onward. Railway has taken this decision seeing the discomfort to handicap people in buying tickets.

"Service is being started to ensure the comfort of travelers. Software is being updated. The facility will be provided to users asap." ~ Gulshan, Chief Regional Manager, IRCTC, Chandigarh Division. To take advantage of concession, former military men and handicap persons need to deposit their documents in a nearby DRM office. These documents will then be verified by the railway office. Upon successful verification, a photo identity card will be issued which will contain various details. The traveling passenger has to show it to the TTE or checking staff during ticket …

Railway to make high speed coaches in India itself

New Delhi: To give wheels to prime minister Narendra Modi's "Make In India" campaign, Indian Railway has decided to manufacture the coaches of high speed 200 kph train at its Chennai plant itself.

Until know the bogies that can run at max speed of 160 kph are being manufactured in India. The new bogies are to be consumed in intercity ac rakes - to be proposed in upcoming railway budget of 2015-16.

At first the railway coach factory will make prototype of 20 coaches and depending upon the feedback and performance more units will be manufactured. The manufacturing will include the making of vital components like crane shafts, alternators, and forged wheels too. So far these have been imported from foreign countries by railway.

Railway minister Suresh Prabhu is all set for improving the declining financial condition of railway. As per correspondents the 'passenger comfort' will be a point of main focus for Ministry of Railways while preparing the budget. This will …

OMG! Train Crashes into Crane Leaves Engine Deflated

An interesting event occurred on the morning of Feb 7, 2015 when a train crashed into stuck crane at the level crossing that caused more damage to the locomotive then the crane.

Train no.14706 left Bahagat Ki Kothi station at 9.55 am. Around 11 am near Asarnada Railway station, Rajasthan, a crane failed while crossing over an unmanned railway crossing. Watching a fast train speeding towards him, the driver of the crane ran towards the train trying to signal the loco pilot to apply brakes.

Since the next station Merta Road was some distance away, the driver of the train engine was running the train at smashing speed of about 90 kmph. Soon he saw the crane from distance and even though he applied the brakes, the train could not be stopped. The impact was such that the crane was dragged for about 250 meters from the crossing point where it failed. Seeing the accident the crane driver fled away.

But what happened was something surprising. Everyone thought that crane would be shattered mo…

Login to Online Ticket Booking Pages - IRCTC

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is the leading online ticket booking service provider in India that provides many different login pages to users for booking online tickets of train, domestic airlines, luxury tourist trains, historical monuments, and  special login pages for travel agents using which they can buy tickets online. It is fast and easy to use IRCTC login pages. One just need to enter login details and proceed to do online ticket booking.

Different IRCTC Login Pages1) IRCTC Flight Booking Login: The login page for flight ticket booking is '' and is used for booking domestic flights online. In last few years number of travelers choosing flight as their transportation medium has grown significantly. There is a huge rush to get air tickets everyday. By providing services to do domestic flight booking online by using computer, mobile, internet and apps. IRCTC has indeed has done a great job in making it easy for air travelers to bo…

Railway FTR Registration for Travelling Parties

If you are a touring party or a small to large group of people who have planned a tour together and want to book seats in bulk, then Indian Railways FTR (Full Tariff Rate) registration service is just right for you. It allows booking coaches/ trains well in advance of journey date and allows parties to do reservation at reasonable rates. FTR registration can be done maximum 6 months in advance and minimum 30 days prior to journey date.

Also see - IRCTC Login Registration for railway booking.

Currently the FTR is a pilot project and works only for trains running under Western Railway Zone. It is likely to be useful when people travel on special occasions such as to attend a wedding ceremony and know well in advance the schedule of the programme. In future, railway is planning to implement the scheme in all railway zones.
The registration for this service can be done either online on IRCTC or parties can go to UTS (Unreserved Ticket Service) counter. Parties have a choice of booking co…

How to make your best friend book a train ticket for you

Picture this crazy scene. You go to Irctc's login page in rush hour traffic. Somehow you are able to sign in successfully, and you check the availability of seats in your favorite train. You find that enough seats are available and suddenly you see a message "You are logged out, sign in again to continue."

Suddenly bells start to ring in your head. You start thinking - "What if the seats are consumed before I am able to start booking again". Now imagine you are able to login quickly again. This has happened because your browser is able to remember your username and password and you were not required to type in those details. But then another thing happens - power goes off. And now your doubt's about not successfully booking a ticket online are looking more justifiable. On top of that suppose that this is no ordinary reservation. You are booking a tatkal ticket and online window opens for just a bit. You are now sure that you have no chance of buying a tick…

Taj Mahal Ticket Booking Online On IRCTC

Save time by booking Taj Mahal tickets online. To make it easy for tourists visiting Agra from all over the world to see the wonderful 'Taj Mahal', regarded as one of the seven wonders of the world, the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) has tied up with IRCTC to sale tickets online.

IRCTC has a large user base who continually access its online ticketing website ('') for booking train and flights. To book tickets for white marble mausoleum erected by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, go to or try this on the web. You will also find plenty of information on other heritage monuments of India on this page.

How To Do Online Ticket Booking for Taj MahalThe process requires few simple steps that you can follow -
Step 1. Go to '' and select the monument you want to book from the top menu. Here we choose 'taj mahal'.
Step 2. Now provide the visiting date, preferred time (before 9 am, between 9 am to 12 pm, between 12…