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How to sign in to IRCTC to get a confirmed ticket always

If someone asks you - what you do to book a train ticket online? 99 percent of you will say, we login to '' site. Remaining one percent will make an ugly face. This is because of bad experience they have had in past in dealing with the online ticketing site. But everyone will be happy if by the end of it (i.e. using it) each one of the user who has logged in returns with a confirmed ticket in hand.

It is a highly frustrating experience when one spends hours sitting in front of a computer screen to do train ticket booking just to get a partially confirmed ticket. A partially confirmed ticket is either a 'waitlisted' or 'rac' ticket. You can see the sidebar to see the glossary of terms and know more about these words in inverted commas. Surely there must be a secret way in which one can do login to irctc so that there is surety to get a confirmed seat in train. Indeed there is one.

The timing of doing railway reservation is very important. There is a saying that 'an early riser gains the most', And that is what you should also look to do when you decide it's time to book a ticket for train. Wake up as early as possible, preferably before 5 am, before anyone else, and just boot you computer. Open your favorite browser. Next step is to take the name of almighty, Ganesha will be good as he is capable of removing all the obstacles, but don't forget lord 'hanuman' as well, since he is known to make difficult looking things easy. And doing railway reservation online is a mighty difficult task. After this step type in '' in address bar of the browser. Surprisingly you will find that site opens without any problem. A proof that name of the god works. Now since 'I' is the first character in 'IRCTC' and it comes at number '9', always make sure that the numerology lucky number of the guy doing ticket booking matches the vibrations of number 9. If you don't know your lucky number, just add up all the digits in your birth date, and then reduce the added number to a single digit. For example, 8 April 1980, will add up to 3 (8+4+1+9+8+0=30=3+0=3). You should know how to do addition at the minimum, else you have no right sitting in front of computer and doing online ticket booking.

Now a difficult bit is over and you can now happily enter your username and password on irctc login page. Be careful to enter both the userid and password correctly, else it will be inauspicious start, the sort of start which is a definite indication that you could be making entry into a waiting list. So be careful while filling in any information on '' site. Carefully select the train, and class of travel. This is because the chances of getting a confirmed train ticket is highly depended on choice you make at this stage. Always remember that - in life, not everyone gets what he wants. Be happy if you see seat available in lower class coach then in the upper high class coach even if you don't like it. Opt for irctc auto upgradation option. This is because god's blessings are with you, and someone in higher class is surely going to vacant a seat for you, and railway will upgrade you to the higher class.

With appropriate train and travel class selected it is time to get divine blessings of 'power god' - 'the god of electricity. This is because all hard work will be ruined in a second if while making a payment the power goes off. Most people have a bad experience of their money get debited from bank account but ticket not booked, and power failure that invariably happens during this time, has much to do with it. Take name of 'power god' 9 times. 9 is lucky number of 'IRCTC', and it is also an infinite number. So, if you take any God's name 9 times it is believed you have chanted the name infinite times.

Now take a steel plate and put some sweets and fruits into it. By the time you finish arranging everything you will receive a message on mobile, and in email, from IRCTC with confirmation that your train ticket is booked successfully. Everything has gone as per plan thus far. Just to make sure that nothing bad happens, just leave the plate full of sweets and fruits under the banyan tree. Don't look back even if someone shouts at you or call you. Just run away and start packing your suitcase, You ticket is now definitely confirmed. With confirmed railway ticket booked you can enjoy the train ride with smiling face.


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