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3 confirmed tricks to get a lower berth ticket in train

Most people crave to get a lower berth/ seat allotted to them while traveling by train as it is more comfortable than sitting at top. Lower berth is the most preferred seat of ladies and senior citizens.

Explained below are three tested tricks which will land you a lower berth, whatever be the seat availability status shown by IRCTC, or Indian Railways.

First trick is to go for online railway reservation. We all know that to do online railway ticket booking one has to go to '' site and do booking there. While one is booking tickets, the irctc's railway reservation system provide nice options which allow a user to claim the lower berth. Have a look at screenshot below, taken real time at the time of doing reservation, which shows various options.

From the above options, in order to get a confirmed lower seat, as a user you need to select the two options - first, the option to book only if confirm seats are allotted, and second is one of the two options in which at least 1 lower berth is allotted. This ensures that the railway ticket booking will be done only if there is a confirmed vacant lower seat is available, otherwise the ticket will not be booked and you are free to consider other options. You can see there are other options as well. If interested, consider reading about the irctc auto upgradation here.

Second trick is to be used when you are doing reservation offline. Here, as you know, you go to railway reservation office, stand in a queue, and wait for your turn to handover the reservation form to ticket booking clerk to do the reservation. Now, how can one ensure that a lower berth is allocated? There is only one thing you can do here, and that is to request. You can request the ticket booking clerk at the counter to make sure that a lower berth is booked for you. You can give some reasons like that the  person to be traveling is ill, or has problem climbing up the tiers, or any other excuse like there is a plenty of luggage and it will be good if there is a lower berth as you can keep count of the suitcases, etc. Your task can be easy if there are some senior citizens traveling with you. The PRS (passenger reservation system) of railway is already programmed to find and allot the lower berths, if a person is a senior citizen or a lady traveling alone. Also people falling in ph (physically handicapped) quota and other specialized quota's are given preference when it comes to allotting the seats at the lowest level.

The third trick, the last one, is to be used exclusively if you fail to get yourself a a seat using both the above methods. Here you enter into the train with whatever seat you have been allotted, and wait. Wait for what? Wait for sufficient number of passengers to board the train. Now you stand up and roam around. Roam around? for what? For finding a single boy who is traveling and has a lower berth. Now make use of lady traveling with you and tell her to go to the boy and say "You seem to be traveling alone. We are ladies, and our seat is at top tier. If you don't mind exchanging seats..." That's it! Almost 90 percent of times, a boy traveling alone won't be able to say 'no' to a lady requesting a seat.


Islam Khan said…

Anonymous said…
I have booked 6 tickets with lower berth option ticked... I didn't get any single
Lower berth ticket... It sucks... I don't know when Indian railway ticketing system will
Improver... Where we can book tickets of our choice's berth...
I know this will be not fair enough... But it will be helpful...

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