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RSRTC Login - Online Bus Booking Rajasthan State Transport Corporation

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) provide online bus booking service to its customers. One can login to rsrtc to access e-Ticketing website for buying tickets of any intercity bus which RSRTC operates. To know about which buses are available, and their routes, timings, and fare, go to rsrtc bus enquiry website.

RSRTC is a state owned transport company with its headquarters located at Jaipur, Rajasthan. Rajasthan, a princely state of India, has many destinations of tourist interest. The best way to explore these places is to take a bus and go for a ride. In order to fulfill the need of tourists and local people RSRTC operates many interstate and intrastate buses for which tickets can be booked online. The bus services are run through 9 zones or depots namely - Ajmer Zone, Bikaner Zone, Bharatpur Zone, Deluxe Zone, Jodhpur Zone, Jaipur Zone, Kota Zone, Sikar Zone, Udaipur Zone. The schedule (timetable) of various buses which cover cities among these zones is also avail…

KeralaSRTC bus tickets eTicketing Procedure

Users who wish to travel in kerala by bus can book bus tickets online. To do online booking of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KeralaSRTC) go to E-Booking page by clicking on button below and follow the instructions.

KeralaSRTC Bus Booking Login To do reservation in buses users need to sign in first. To sign in go to the KeralaSRTC login page and enter email-id and password. The form in which you need to enter the authentication information will look like the one shown below.

Of course, users needs to be a member of online bus ticket booking site before they can log in to the reservation system. To become a member one can do registration by creating a new account. Opening new account is free, and it requires on part of user to furnish personal details, like name and address, apart from choosing a unique username and password. To go to KeralaSRTC registration page click here.

We also recommend users to read the terms and conditions before booking the buses.

There are many type…

Money debited but ticket not booked on IRCTC solved

Most users are facing the problem where the money is getting debited from their bank's account yet the railway tickets not getting booked on website. Rightly customers are worried about it, wondering what will happen to their hard earned money. Will IRCTC ever refund it back to them, will tickets get booked on later date, or have they wasted their time and money trying to book tickets online.

Users needs to understand that no website out there is perfect. But IRCTC has been around for many years now and has earned the respect of online users as one of the best websites for doing online railway reservation. You can trust them to have measures in place to safeguard the hard earned money of users.
The situation where money is debited but ticket not booked arises due to certain complexities involved during online payment process. Lets understand what causes this situation to materialize, before learning how this problem can be solved.
The online payment at IRCTC invol…

Indian Railways Ticket Booking Online

Indian Railways, founded on April 16, 1853 is the state owned enterprise of India and is administered by Ministry of Railways govt. of India, has a multi-gauge network of tracks covering about 7172 stations on which it operates its trains carrying goods and passengers pulled by diesel, electric, and even steam locomotives. It is estimated that there are about 23 million passengers that are carried by railway in its 12,617 trains on daily basis, and it includes trains to Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan too.

There is wealth of information about Indian Railways which is available over the internet. But users are always on lookout for the information that is most useful for them, and are least interested about stats and history.

From the perspective of railway users, there are three most important websites related to indian railways - often mistyped as, and by users, is used for Availability, Fare information and… - railway booking online old version

People used to doing 'online railway booking', who wish to access the older version of 'Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation' (IRCTC) can still do so by logging onto the old ticketing site. Recently, a newer version of IRCTC - the IRCTC Next Generation  eTicketing System was launched by railway. Many people found it to be overwhelming, despite its fastness and great features, and wanted to again use the older version, as they are more familiar with it and comfortable with its look and feel, as compared to new  page.

How to Access IRCTC Login (Old)If you just type in "" or "", in both cases you will be forwarded to the latest version of the online passenger reservation system. There seems to be no way of getting to the previous version. So, what to do? Is there anyway one can get to see the older IRCTC home page?Yes, but you have to type in the correct web address to reach it.
To see the irctc …

Trick for ladies to get confirmed ticket on IRCTC

We know that IRCTC provides online ticket booking facility. But it is not always possible to get a confirmed ticket, since the ticket availability is limited. But if you are a women or group of women traveling together, you can use the trick explained below to get a confirmed train ticket without paying any extra rupee.

Most people, including intelligent ladies, just blindly start booking railway tickets when they sign in to irctc for confirmed reserved seat in a train. They don't even look around to see if there is something of note available that they can take advantage of. This is true for most customers. As a result many people end up getting an unconfirmed ticket rather then a confirmed one.

However, if they, specially ladies, select a proper quota, which is kept aside for traveling women in all the trains, they can easily obtain a fully confirmed ticket. Usually there are 6 such seats that are kept in each coach, although it may vary depending upon the class of travel and t…

Get the reservation status of your train ticket

To get reservation status of your railway ticket use the button below:

Status that ensures at least a sitting accommodation in train In order to board the train in reserved coach, you must have a ticket with at least "RAC" reservation status. This way you will be initially provided a sitting accommodation and allotted a berth (in case of passengers not turning up) in the trains. You can always travel in general coaches, where reservation is not needed without having to worry about the status of train ticket.

What is advantage of confirmed reservation status The best thing is to have a ticket with a "confirmed" status as it ensures comfortable and hassle free journey for a passengers where a full seat is allotted and which is not required to be shared with another passenger's. Customers having a ticket with a "waitlisted" status cannot board the train.  The waiting list status or "waitlisted" status can be of many types, like pqwl, gnwl, rlwl e…

Train ticket booking made easy

This is perhaps the easiest way to book your train tickets - what we have explained below. Booking train tickets can consume time, and even then may not have a "confirmed" status. So is there a shortest, quickest, and most trustworthy way to book a confirmed train ticket?

Yes! There is one. Exclusively for our users we have devised a strategy, a road map, that will shorten-up the online ticket booking process to a great extent, and will increase the chances of getting a confirmed ticket by almost 99 percent. Just follow the procedure below.

Step 1 - Get ready to book tickets onlineDays of standing in a queue in front of railway reservation counter is gone. By the time you reach the head of queue, the chances of all available train tickets been already "consumed" is extremely high. In modern times modern methods of ticket booking should be adopted. Computer must be used to complete a task wherever possible. Without wasting anytime, go and register on online railway …

What is RLWL, RSWL, RQWL, RLGN on railway ticket

It is not uncommon to see RLWL, RSWL, RQWL, or RLGN printed on an Indian Railway ticket. All of these are among the several waiting list quota's, which passenger reservation system of railway may allot to a ticket.

RLWL:  Remote Location Waiting List, status is quite similar to PQWL status of a train ticket, but with one major difference. In case of RLWL the starting station can't be the originating station of the train.

The way the tickets having remote location quota are confirmed is also different to some of the other quota's. Here the chances of confirmation depends upon the destination station. If a person with a confirmed ticket to the same destination cancels his ticket, then there is a remote chance that the ticket will get confirmed.

It is also known as Running Line Waiting List or Road-Side Location Waiting List. It applies to the quotas of specific intermediate ticketing stations on a route, known as the Remote Location Quota. E.g., Solapur has a quota with a …

Meaning of PQWL on train ticket

There are several quotas from which a railway allots tickets to people. PQWL stands for Pooled Quota Waiting List, is one such quota. In order to understand what it means, one must understand the meaning of 'Pooled Quota', since meaning of 'waiting list' is already cleared in the article which explains about meaning of GNWL on railway ticket.

For the entire route of train, the railway keeps aside certain number of seats for each station that falls on the route. For important stations there is a specific quota from which seats are allocated to the people. But for certain less important stations, depending on how railway rates them, it forms a pool of which stations are members. This  group of stations share certain number of seats among them. The number of seats or tickets, that can be shared by these less important or one may say small stations, is called Pooled Quota (PQ).

When someone tries to book a train ticket, where the source station of journey falls among one …

What is GNWL on Indian Railway Ticket

All Indian Railway tickets have ticket status printed on them. Sometimes one see status as GNWL, which is followed by some number, and wonders what it means. This is explained in detail below.

GNWL: stands for General Waiting List. When it is not possible to allot a confirmed seat to a passenger at the time of ticket booking, due to all available seats being already occupied or booked, he is queued up in a waiting list of passengers by the railway's Passenger Reservation System (PRS). As and when the accommodation becomes available in train, by means of ticket cancellation by other passengers having a confirmed ticket, or by means of railway attaching extra coach in train seeing the number of waitlisted passengers, a confirm seat may be allotted. Again, the seat allotted can be full seat or a partial seat (where it needs to be shared by another passenger).

The general waiting list is the most common type of waiting list. This waiting list has the best chance of getting cleared amo…

Why use cricular tickets for sight seeing In India by train

Whether you want to go for a pilgrimage or sight seeing, train is the best option. India is a country with diversified cultures, geography, and colors. Taking a flight directly from one place to another will not really allow you to experience the country fully.

Going out requires money to be spend. It also costs valuable time, and there are only few leave days that one gets from the office. Making arrangements for journey is not an easy task. To make things easy one is looking for a solution that not only saves time but also money.

Indian railway has come up with a concept of circular journey tickets in order to provide solution to above problems. There are explained in detail below.

What are Circular Journey Tickets? If you wish to go on a pilgrimage or sightseeing trip to many destinations, Indian Railways provide the facility of booking Circular Journey Tickets. These tickets offer you unique travel flexibility, as they are issued for all journeys (other than regular routes) which …

Indian railway special facilities for foreign tourists

If you are on a tour of India, especially from a foreign country, you should be choosing no other mode of transportation but train, to explore this wonderful vibrant country. Indian railways has also done their bit to make it easy for foreign tourists to travel across India.

There are some top notch services extended to foreigners by Indian Railway. Foreign tourists, who wish to experience India by train, can enjoy the special facilities earmarked for them. These are explained below in greater detail.

Special Quota: Several important trains have a special quota for foreign tourists. This can be availed on payment of US Dollars or Pound Sterling. Tourists without foreign currency, will be allotted the special quota on production of the exchange certificates issued by any nationalized bank. At the time of reservation, the passport number and the country of origin should be mentioned.

Assistance Cells: Major Reservation Centres, distributed across the country, have special Cells to help …

Register for IRCTC Destination Alert at 139

Users can now register online to get alerted when their destination is about to arrive and get a wake up alarm setup so that they can be sure of never missing their station while traveling by train.
This possible by irctc destination alert service will make an automatic call on registered user's phone and send sms message few minutes before the station arrives. This will allow passengers to wake up on time and allow enough time to get ready with their luggage so that they can comfortably step down at the station.

On the face of it, this may look like just another simple service. But ask any regular train traveler, he will tell you how difficult it becomes to have a sound sleep in train when one is not sure at what time a train would reach a particular station. At most time a passenger has an idea about the time at which a train reaches the station, especially when it is running as per schedule. There are online services to find the train schedule. But the real problem comes when …

What is premium tatkal quota in railway

Indian Railways has introduced new quota, which is also mentioned on site's alerts and updates, known as "Premium Tatkal Quota" quota code - 'PT', for reservation in premium special trains which has a dynamic fare. The ticket booking rules, mentioned in  tatkal ticket booking scheme in IRCTC, are applicable to this quota as well. But there are certain rules specific to this newly introduced quota which are listed below for the benefit of users.

On opening days booking to be allowed on/after 10 AM.Agents will not be allowed to book tickets in this quota.Dynamic fare shall be charged for confirmed passengers.RAC/ Waitlist Ticket Booking is not allowed under PT quota.Only E-tickets will be permitted for booking. I-ticket Booking is not allowed with this Quota. No concession shall be applicable in this Quota. Child passenger will be charged with full fare. Identity card number of the prescribed proof of identity is required at the time of booking. At leas…

Find train position of konkan railway

Konkan Railway provides a wonderful service through which users can spot the exact position of the train which is running currently. To display the position it uses a chart which looks like this -

The passenger trains are indicated by blue, express trains by red, super fast trains by green, rajdhani express by orange, and shatabdi express by pink color arrows pointing in the direction in which train is moving.

You can see it in action by clicking here and selecting the train or station. Konkan railway provide link between Mumbai and Mangalore by covering 738 km distance between Roha and Thokur railway stations. The complete list of stations on konkan railway route is as follows:

Roha, Kolad, Indapur, Mangaon, Goregaon, Veer, Sape, Karanjadi, Vinhere, Diwankhauti, Khed, Anjani,Chiplun, Kamathe, Savarde, Aravali, Sangameshwar, Ukshi, Bhoke.

The chart is updated automatically every 10 minutes. Since trains may gain or loose time enroute the position shown is indicative only.

The 741-kil…

IRCTC's new premium special trains with dynamic pricing

Indian Railway has introduced  many new trains where the fare is dynamic.In this article, the salient features of premium special trains on dynamic pricing are explained. Some of these are mentioned on online railway ticket booking website, but they require further explanation and understanding. In particular it should be clear how fare is calculated, and what is meant by dynamic pricing.

The fare is usually constant for a journey by train when one travels from one place to another. This means when one does a fare enquiry of a train a certain value is returned. This value represents the the price which one has to pay for traveling. Usually this value remains constant for a period of time, unless the railway increases or decreases the fare. The trains with dynamic pricing are different. Here one cannot be sure of the fare, as it keeps changing over the time. Depending upon the demand, availability of seats, and other factors, the fare could change. This means it is not constant, but d…

Train Timings | Train Schedule | Indian Railway timetable

Correct train timings of Indian Railway are important for users who want to know whether or not a train is running as per schedule mentioned in Indian Railway timetable. Knowing accurate timings of train allow passengers to plan their journey much better. By knowing current train timings, railway users can estimate when they will reach their destination which enables them further to fix their appointments, and schedule their work properly.

In this article you will learn:

How to check train timings onlineProcedure to get train schedule by NTES APPGet current time of train by SMS and by Phone Call.

Train Timings On Railway Enquiry Site You can see arrival and departure times of any train online on railway enquiry website. In fact, if you know your train number (see on your ticket) or a train name, you can see train timings and get complete train schedule.

If a train is not running on time and you want to clarify whether it is delayed due to some reason or is suspended or cancelled, you …

Train Fare Enquiry

Finding the train fare for journey between stations is one of the common requirement of a railway user. Fare enquiry can be done online to find out what it will cost to a person for carrying out the journey to his destination. To know the fare click on button below.

The above button will take user to a page which contains a form that needs to be filled and submitted to the official railway enquiry website: The most important fields that are required to be filled by user are - train number, day and month of journey, source station code, destination station code, class of travel, age, quota, and concession which may be availed by the user. More will be clear by looking at the screenshot of the form shown below.

If you don't know the station code, or train number, you need not worry. This is because below the form you will find the options to know them.

Is there any way to get the fare by using sms service i.e. fare enquiry by mobile? The answer is - Yes!

To g…

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Using eWallet

Do you want to do fast tatkal booking on IRCTC before anyone else? You can do it easily by using the e wallet as per instruction given below.

As you are all aware, when tickets are limited and demand is more, every second counts when it comes to booking tickets. There are thousands of users all trying to grab a seat in train at the same time, trying out their luck on online passenger reservation system, well known as next generation reservation system, in hope of getting a seat. There is much at stake since the failure to get a confirmed ticket will result in tour being cancelled or postponed for the next date when seat is available.  People do login on irctc with hope of booking tickets but most times either the ticket is unavailable or one gets a partially confirmed ticket with 'RAC' or 'WL' pnr status. If one knows the trick to reduce time consumed in, he will definitely have an advantage over the others of reserving a seat in train before it is claimed. Amazingly …

Maharaja Express ticket Booking on IRCTC

As per news in eonomic times, IRCTC has invited US president Barack Obama to travel to Agra by their luxury train - the Maharaja Express, who is visiting India to join the republic day celebrations as a chief guest. The lavishly painted maroon and gold tourist train is well known among its past guests as the one with royalty-style furnished suites, dining halls, well equipped bars and recreational areas, a conference hall, business centre and Wi-Fi connectivity. Those who haven't seen it and want to experience the royal journey, can login to irctc tourism site and do booking of maharaja express online.

update - The president's tour to Agra is cancelled due to security reasons.

Needless to say that if president do accept the invitation, he will not be required to do any ticket booking, even though it takes only 3 simple steps to do railway ticket booking in India, and anyone can do it online. But it will be really interesting if IRCTC, the online ticketing provider of railway, …