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What are IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Timings

Why IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Common public who want to travel by train can do railway ticket booking under 'tatkal scheme' started by railway. It is quite popular among people who haven't done reservation in advance. Indian Railway online booking site - also allows booking of tatkal tickets online over the internet. This is known as IRCTC tatkal booking.

IRCTC Tatkal Booking Timings As far as irctc tatkal ticket booking timings are concerned, the booking of tatkal tickets starts one day before the actual date of departure of train at 10 am. Also tatkal tickets can be booked for trains that will depart within next 48 hours from the time when booking under tatkal quota starts. The authorized agents of railway and IRCTC can do booking between 10 am and 12 am only.

If you want to get a guidance on how to do tatkal booking then look no further than the Irctc tatkal booking guide which gives complete explanation about it. Please note that Tatkal bookings are allowe…

Latest Trains at a Glance in PDF Format

Trains at a glance is a timetable of trains of Indian railway which has the train schedule as well as information about latest rules and regulations of railway in India.

It is compiled into a book that can be purchased from railway ticket counter at a price of Rs. 35. The train numbers, schedule, timetable is arranged in a series of tables so that it is easy for a reader to find what he is looking to find about the trains.

The latest version of trains at a glance is also available in PDF format at some websites but it's all in small parts, and we haven't yet found a complete version of Trains at a Glance on any website.

Also, it's a copyright of railway. So, we don't think it can be made available in PDF format.

The trains at a glance is not only useful for finding which trains are available across various stations of India but it also provide more useful information like, halting time of various trains on stations, distance between two railway stations, updates on ra…