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Mar 10, 2015

IRCTC Login with Live Railway Booking Snapshots

Now book your railway tickets easily (online) using IRCTC login page. Simply follow the steps to book a seat in any Indian train. See snapshots taken from live online ticket booking session and help yourself.

If you are a new user you can signup at irctc registration page. Registration is mandatory otherwise you won't be able to login. It is recommended to plan your journey in advance in order to get confirmed tickets. If you are finding difficulty with availability of seats, look for special trains and holiday trains on this site.
Follow the guidelines below in order to learn how to book tickets of Indian Railway online at https://irctc.co.in. To find travel packages, customized tour packages - go to  irctc tourism.

screenshot of homepage of irctc.co.in from where you can do irctc login

Next we explain to you in detail on what to do after doing IRCTC login. You'll see how to plan your travel and book train tickets online.

IRCTC Login - A Straightforward Process

Booking a railway ticket on IRCTC starts with user providing his login credentials. In case you see 'login error', as shown below, you must have entered wrong credentials into IRCTC Login box. This could be typo error. Re-enter your userid and password correctly and upon successful authentication from the server, you should be OK to proceed.

error message shown when you enter wrong username and password while logging in to irctc

Also make sure that you enter CAPTCHA letters correctly in order to sign in successfully. Otherwise the online railway ticket booking system will show you "Invalid Captcha...." message as shown below.

error shown on irctc when you enter invalid captcha text at the time of login

In both the above cases just click on "OK" and enter the words correctly.

If you login successfully, you might see a message stating: "Dear customer, You have been successfully migrated to Next Generation e-Ticketing website." This message is shown to users who are upgraded to make use of the new site of IRCTC: the next generation e-Ticketing site.

options shown to users after successful login on irctc

You'll find three option displayed on your screen:
  1. Proceed for Booking/ Cancellation.
  2. Update Profile.
  3. My Transactions
We will talk about first option a bit later. Let's first talk about option 2 and 3. 

Using 'Update Profile' option you can change your password. It is highly recommended for new users to change the default password assigned to them by IRCTC after they register/ signup.

The 'My Transactions' option which you see here allows you to print, cancel, and file TDR (ticket depository receipt) application of your old transactions done before migration. After migration to new site, transactions can be viewed "Booked Ticket History" in Next Generation e-Ticketing website.

Now coming back to first option - "Proceed for booking/ cancellation". While cancellation is a simple process which involves selecting a ticket among the booked tickets and cancelling entire ticket or partial (done in case some of the passengers and not all are cancelled), booking a new ticket requires some understanding.

When you proceed for booking you will land on page that allows you to plan your journey from start to finish. This page also shows you options for printing and cancelling tickets, to see booked history of tickets booked using old and new site, file TDR and to see refund status.

options for printing and canceling tickets; and to file tdr, and see refund status on irctc

There are two options for railway ticket booking:

  1. Booking railway ticket using "Plan My Journey" option.
  2. Booking railway ticket using "Quick Book" option.
The quick book option is useful for users who knows essentials details related to journey in advance and are sure about things like - train number, days on which train runs, and the availability in that train for the quota or travel class in which they wish to travel. If a user has all this information he can book ticket fast by using "quick book".

irctc quick book option for ticket booking

But most users use the first option - i.e. they choose to plan their journey.

irctc plan my journey option for booking tickets

When you choose this option you need no prior information about the train or its travel classes and quota, or its running schedule, before doing reservation.

Just enter the station from where you want to commence your journey in "From Station" field and your destination (the station up to which you want to travel) in "To Station" field of the form. Select journey date by clicking in calendar icon or by entering it in "dd-mm-yyyy" format (d for day, m for month, and Y for year). Choose one between e-ticket and i-ticket from "Ticket Type" list box. Check the option "I'll book in Handicap concession" (it's optional) if you are a handicapped person and want to get concession or discount in fare. Submit the form.

Now you shall see all the train between stations available on your journey date.  Not only the trains but you will see useful information such as train no, travel time, arrival and departure time, start and end stations, travel distance, whether a train runs on a specific day of the week, and available classes for travelling displayed on your screen in a table. Example of this is shown below. In this example the we choose "New Delhi" as source station and "Mumbai Central" as destination.

list of trains between two stations shown on irctc at the time of booking tickets

You can click on travel class - mentioned against each train to get the availability and fare information.

To get the schedule - click on train number in first column of the table. For example, clicking on train number '12954' displays the entire schedule and route for the train named - "August Kranti Rajdhani Express".

train route and schedule shown based on train selected by user

If you are finding all this information too much to grasp you can filter the results by using various filtering options. You can filter the trains by quota's such as:

These options can be selected by selecting radio buttons at the top of the page.

You can further reduce the trains listed by choosing journey class and train types options. Journey classes are 1A, 2A, 3A, CC, SL. Train types are Rajdhani, Garib Rath, Others (mail/express, duronto trains). 

In some cases the starting station of the train could be different (usually a nearby station) then what you mentioned in "Plan my Journey" form. If this is the case you might number number of different stations listed indicating the start station of train. If you are interested in trains starting from one specific station only you can uncheck all other stations to reduce the listed trains between the stations.

filtering trains by journey class, train types, and stations

Select one class among the various travel classes listed against any of the train. Upon doing so the seat availability at that time and option to book ticket is shown.

base fare and other charges that make up the total irctc charges and seat availability

For the benefit of users various components of the train fare like base fare, reservation charge, superfast charge, tatkal charge, catering charge, other charges and service tax along with total fare is displayed too.

Choose "Book Now" option to book your ticket.

User will need to enter passenger details on "Journey Details" page. You can also enter these details from the travel list of master passenger list. These lists can be maintained by going to profile page.

You need to enter passenger name, age, select gender (male/female), berth preference (lower, upper, side lower, cabin, coupe etc.), check if you are senor citizen, and optionally enter your Aadhaar card no. for valid Identification (ID). ID  proof is compulsory needed when traveling in train and not at the time of booking. Please note that ticket is not issued to children below 5 years of age, but you need to provide their details too.

form to enter journey details (passenger details) on irctc.co.in

You will see the mobile number already filled. IRCTC automatically fills this field by using the same number you provided during the registration. If you wish to change this number you can edit it. This is important as SMS will be sent to this number. The message will contain details like PNR number, coach and seat number, journey date etc. A user can show this message along with ID card while travelling. There is no need to take a print out of electronic reservation slip.

Enter the CAPTCHA. Carefully enter it as it is case sensitive. Submit the details.

Now you will be shown your journey summary. This displays in concise form all the details of your journey and provides option to make payment or replan your journey in case you feel you need to correct something.

journey summary

All what is left is to make payment. But we will discuss about payment options and how to pay for booking tickets online on IRCTC bit late. First an important note.

You will see seat availability status shown on summary page in "Availability Details" section. This availability is for all berths, not for your preferred berth type. This status is temporary and can change any time. This is because as tickets are booked throughout the country across PRS (Passenger Reservation System) counters, any confirmed status shown here may decline into RAC/ Waiting List status, while your payment is being processed. So keep this in mind and do check PNR status even after the ticket is booked.

Now coming back to payment options and charges you'll glad to know that there are multiple options are available to you which you can make use to pay reservation charges to IRCTC. Here we list the IRCTC payment options:

  • Internet Banking.
  • Payment Gateway/ Credit Card.
  • Debit Card.
  • Cash Card/ Wallets.
  • IRCTC Prepaid.
  • EMI.
While few of the above payment options are something you are already familiar of, others like cash card, wallets, and EMI require explanation.

There are 3 cash cards that IRCTC presently support. These are:
  1. ITZ cash card,
  2. I cash card
  3. OXI cash card
These cash cards can be used for paying other bills too. If you already have one of these card you can pay on IRCTC using them.

Wallets are like online purse. You store money in them and it is debited automatically when you make payment. Read more about advantages and using e wallets in our guides - why use Paytm for IRCTC railway booking and Fast tatkal ticket booking using IRCTC eWallet.

Using EMI option user can pay amount in monthly installments to the bank. Currently only Citi Bank account holders can make use of EMI option.

IRCTC prepaid card - known as "RUPAY", is another good option. It is introduced with the help of Union Bank of India.  Read more about it in guide - How to use UBI prepaid card for fast ticket booking on IRCTC. All RUPAY debit card holders can also pay through 'Rupay - CARD KOTAK PG'.

VISA/Master credit card holders can use payment gateways like ICICI PG, HDFC PG, CITI PG payment gateways for ticket booking if enabled by card issuer.

It is highly recommended to use the IRCTC connect app for booking railway tickets using android phones.

That's it! Pay using any of the above mentioned options and you should see a confirmation message in your email and on mobile from IRCTC containing details of journey.

Important note: during the booking process never hit the back button on your browser or refresh the page. This will abandon you session and you'll need to do the booking again from the start. Although in some cases the next generation e Ticketing system may allow user to resume the transaction from where the session got abandoned or timed out.

Important Alerts on IRCTC Login Page

Various alerts related to introduction of special trains (to clear extra rush during holidays) by railway zones like southern railway, new indian railway tenders, any change in schedule of running trains, or an yearly update in timetable of Indian railways is displayed on IRCTC's login page. Some of the recent alerts are shown below.
  • Paytm-Wallet is now available for ticket booking.
  • E-ticket confirmed through charting at originating station or at the previous remote location cannot be cancelled. The refund of such ticket will be processed through TDR
  • Multiple logins at www.irctc.co.in are not allowed.
  • Cases of fraudulent claims of refund are liable for legal action. Users registered on irctc.co.in are requested to update their user profile with valid address, email-ID and mobile number. The registrations with invalid address, email-IDs and mobile numbers are liable to be deactivated.
  • Internet booking is not permitted in the overseas train nos 14001,14002,14889,13108 & 13109.
  • Never purchase e-ticket from unauthorized agents or persons, using their personal IDs for commercial purposes. Such tickets are liable to be forfeited under section (143) of the Indian Railway Act 1989. List of authorized agents are available on www.irctc.com E-Ticket Agent Locator.
  • IRCTC World class Executive Lounge available at New Delhi Railway Station.
  • Passengers, other than natives of Arunachal Pradesh, require an inline permit (ILP) before taking up their journey to Arunachal pradesh through rail route.
  • New Time Table w.e.f 01-09-2014. Please Check correct departure time from Railway Station Enquiry. Dial 139 (toll free railway enquiry number).

IRCTC Login Rules and Policies

The reservation done through IRCTC's online ticketing system is governed by certain rules and policies. These rules are of different types and every user must be aware of them in order to successfully complete the online ticket booking process. This eliminates any confusion, for example regarding reservation charges, cancellation charges, or allotment of seats; which may arise due to unawareness of recent changes in railway schemes and railway regulations. The rules and policies page of IRCTC provides ample information on latest rules related to reservation, refund, and other schemes (circular journey, tatkal, senior citizen, break journey, change in name, concession forms) of Indian Railway (IR).

For the benefit of users, we list some new rules here -
  • Senior citizens traveling on concession, who do not produce age proof during journey, Ministry of Railways have decided that in such cases, only the difference of concessional fare paid and non-concessional fare payable shall be charged. Penalty will not be charged in such cases.
  • Holders of single journey tickets for distance of more than 500 km. (Actual distance) are allowed to break journey once for two days at any station en-route. This facility can be availed only after traveling 500 Km's. from the starting station. If ticket is for more than 1000 Km, passenger will be allow to break journey twice.
  • A berth or a seat reserved in the name of a person shall be used only by the person and shall not be transferable to any other person.
  • Age for getting concession as senior citizen is 60 years and above for men, and 58 years and above for women. Male senior citizens will get 40 percent concession, while female senior citizens will get 50 percent concession in all cases, travelling for any purpose even by train types Rajdhani/ Shatabdi/ Duronto trains.
  • Now there will be exclusive accommodation for ladies. One compartment of the lowest class of accommodation is earmarked for ladies in every passenger carrying train. Some berths/Seats in sleeper class / second seats are also earmarked for ladies at the train originating station. Any male passenger found occupying or attempting to occupy such a carriage or compartment shall be liable to be prosecuted apart from being removed from the compartment; however, boys under 12 years of age may travel in a ladies compartment with relatives or friends.

Important IRCTC services

IRCTC offers several useful services to its users. Important services of IRCTC are listed below:
  • Internet Ticketing: Using this service, a registered user can do booking of railway ticket online on www.irctc.co.in. There are two types of tickets, e-ticket and i-ticket. Passenger needs to carry the print out or sms or email having information about booked ticket in train. In case the user booked i-ticket, it needs to be carried by the passenger in train. The i-ticket is delivered to the user address by courier. Service is so good that in a single day almost 13 lakh tickets were sold on April 1st, 2015. The spurt in ticket booking has come after the advance reservation period of 120 days is affected.
  • Tourism by train: IRCTC is leader in providing rail tourism in India. It offers several affordable packages and special tourist train tours. These tours can be booked through www.irctctourism.com website. 
  • Catering: IRCTC is officially appointed by railway to provide food to passengers in train and at railway stations through food courts, kiosks, and stalls. It's packaged drinking water "rail neer" is the only brander water that is available at railway stations in India.
  • Concierge, cab, porter services: IRCTC provides concierge service to facilitate bonafide Railway passenger with confirmed train ticket in selected trains at major Railway Stations in hiring taxi, porter and coaches. Those who are physically unfit can book wheelchair and stretcher online using this service.
  • Railways retiring room booking: Railways Retiring Rooms are rooms which are available on Railway Stations across India, They are available in Single, Double and Dormitory type of occupancy with AC and Non AC combination. Rooms can be booked for min 12 hr and max 48 hr duration.
  • Season Tickets: Inhabitants of Mumbai city can book online local train tickets for entire season.
  • Accommodation booking: Accommodation can be booked using IRCTC hotel and lounge booking services. IRCTC has tie up with many leading hotels across India for which rooms can be booked using online hotel planner. Executive Lounge is one of its class fully air conditioned facility where railway passengers can stay while waiting for their trains. It is located at concourse of Platform No. 16, New Station Building, Ajmeri Gate side, New Delhi Railway Station.
  • Flight booking: IRCTC provides service for booking tickets in domestic airlines and international flights to its users. Tickets are available at discounted price too.
  • Inquiries: Various train related enquiries can be done by user using this service. See railway enquiry for more.
  • Industrial Training: Several training programmes are conducted by IRCTC to create employable skills among young people. HSR "Hunar se Rozgar," meaning "Skill to Employment" is one such training program. Under it three short term courses in Food Production, Food & Beverage Services and Bakery & patisserie for under privileged, unemployed youngsters of the age group 18-28 years are carried out, thereby helping them to get employment opportunity. All the courses are absolutely free of cost for the Applicants.
For its excellent services IRCTC has won many awards. It has been recognized as fastest growing e-commerce site in Asia Pacific region.


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