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Check IRCTC PNR Status Without Captcha Code

PNR Status
There are many websites to check PNR status. But the one IRCTC suggests to get PNR status is Indian Railway enquiry website - While it is good, the most annoying part of it is the need to enter the Captcha text. Captcha is an Image that contains some characters (code) that is needed to be entered by the user before submitting the form. It is basically used to verify that it is indeed a human who is submitting the information and not a machine.

This page explains how to check IRCTCPNR Status without Captcha, so that it canbe done quickly. Most people feel that captcha's are hard to read and hence waste time.

Each railway ticket and Electronic Reservation Slip i,e,the printout of ticket booked on IRCTC online, has a 10 digit number on each ticket. This number is known as "PNR Number". Full form of PNR is - "Passenger Name Record". No two tickets can have the same PNR and due to this uniqueness, it can be used to check/ track the …

Important IRCTC Mobile Apps That are Must Have on Your Phone

Recognizing the ever increasing mobile users in India, IRCTC has come up with many apps that allows users to access the services of IRCTC using phones. Together these apps form IRCTC mobile zone. Most of these apps are free to download and runs on all the popular mobile devices powered by operating systems like android and windows.

Today, it is possible to book railway tickets by sending sms on 139. But you must have one or all of these apps on your phone, if you are a regular railway user.

It is not that you can't book ticket without downloading the apps. The next generation e ticketing system's mobile version is available here. But many users will agree that using specialized apps makes ticket booking even more easier.

Some of the important tasks that a user can do using irctc mobile applications are as follows-

Booking railway tickets on mobile with irctc's user id.Cancelling railway eTickets and iTickets i.e. railway tickets booked on internet.Search train between any …

IRCTC Online Ticket Booking in 3 Simple Steps

The IRCTC online ticket booking system is used for booking tickets over the internet. For any train, the online booking can be done 60 days prior to the date of journey. This is known as Advance Reservation Period (ARP). Only exception to this is the IRCTC online ticket booking under tatkal quota, where the ticket booking opens only 1 day prior to the train leaving day.

The steps involved to use the ticket booking system are straightforward. In order to do online train reservation a person can follow the following steps.

First Step - Create account on irctc's next generation eticketing system. If you don't have one you can do so by following the procedure explained at individual registration on irctc sign up page.Second Step - If you are already a registered user, use your username and password and sign in into the site as explained at irctc login for next generation system page. Third Step - If you are able to login successfully, you can actually start to plan the…

Latest IRCTC Seat Availability Status Check

Find quickly the latest seat availability status in Indian Railway with before booking your railway tickets on IRCTC. In order to know the accommodation availability status in any running train i.e. operational in Indian Railway, between any two stations, you will require following important pieces of information ready.
Train number or train name.Source and Destination Stations.Class of travel.Quota in which one wishes to find availability of seats inside the train.Date of Journey.Click here to check seat availability

Follow the video, and fill in the form to get availability on Railway Enquiry page. The following video explains 'how to check railway seat availability,' while doing booking of railway tickets online on IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) eTicketing site

There are many different methods a user can use to get the train berth status. Accommodation availability in a train can also be checked by using various ra…

IRCTC Registration, Signup on IRCTC, Create New IRCTC account

Online railway ticket booking can be done by individuals and agents only after registration is completed on IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation).

IRCTC registration is free for individuals and it hardly takes 2-5 minutes to complete the registration process.

Typically an individual user has to fill in the following form and submit his details. Agents can register by downloading the form in PDF format from railway website and submitting it.The registration form shown below is for demonstration purpose only. We are not associated with IRCTC or Indian railway. Use the steps shown after the form to learn about registration process and make use of IRCTC registration form to practice it. Then go to official IRCTC website and do registration.

Follow the steps for registration process as shown below:

Go to using your browser. On a page that opens, Click on sign up link in login form. You should now see a registration form for individual users on…